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Mar 24, 2009 01:06 PM

Awesome Carne Asada in El Sereno

I found the holy grail of carne asada on Eastern. La Tapatia, a little spot south of Huntington is beyond good. I've had others, but this joint is tops. They had a bunch of other stuff in the case, but I was on a asada hunt. If you go, ask for it "prepared." The guy runs it through a tenderizer and adds some simple spices and orange juice. That's it. Once I got home, I tossed a Moretti beer in the bag and let it sit a while before grilling. Another word to the wise, do not over cook it. It looses its juices.

La Tapatia
3319 N Eastern Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90032

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  1. Cool, I will check it out, thanks.

    1. Yeah!
      I've been giving that place props for years on this board~ Really good stuff..........
      Haven't been for a while though.........thanks for the reminder.......I smell some asada on the grill this wknd.!

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      1. re: slowrider

        I figured you knew what time it is when it comes to this place.

        1. re: ohdaylay


          I wonder if anyone has tried the Al Pastor off the spit stand that's served in the parking lot on Eastern AVe?

            1. re: TonyC

              Near the corner of Huntington? If so, yes. Not bad, kind of dry depending on what time of day you come. But, at the cost, a real value.

              1. re: ohdaylay

                The best Al Pastor I've found in the area is from the La Golondrina truck that parks in front (Huntington Dr.) of the Food 4 Less........
                There is also an outlaw cart that sets up behind the Food 4 Less (Navarro St. I think) but I have not investigated yet......

                On a side note - I tried the Mariscos truck that parks on Huntington Dr. a block or so before you get to Poplar St. .........I think it's only there in the day.......
                It was pretty good.......the fish & shrimp tacos were really good.......the ceviche was good.......and the shrimp cocktail was pretty good.......
                total for: shrimp cocktail, fish taco, shrimp taco and 3 tostadas de ceviche pescado was 14.50........not a bad deal at all......

            2. re: ohdaylay

              What about El Sereno Meat Market next to Food 4 Less? My In-Laws say it is good for certain things........not sure exactly what...........I'll try and remember to ask and report back.........

              1. re: slowrider

                an addendum to the last............El Sereno Meat Market is good for things aside from the asada preparada........

                1. re: slowrider

                  yea, i stopped by to pick up some asada preparada and it looked terrible. needless to say, i went somewhere else.

          1. Quick note.........I stopped by on Monday to grab some asada to grill and picked up a small tub of their guacamole for 4 bucks. I know it's easy to make and all, but for four bucks it was really flavorful and I didn't have to bother making it. The texture/consistence was perfect. Pick some up next time you stop by there.

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              I've seen it there a bunch of times but never grab some. Will do next time.

            2. What cut of meat is the asada? I'm curious if it's a traditional cut like arrachera or NY steak per this illuminating post:


              Mr Taster

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                Wow.......very informative..........I guess they have what is considered asada at 100% of So. Cal. trucks/restaurants. It's very good stuff, but it ain't NY steak strips, that's for sure.
                Thanks for the tip on that educational post.

              2. I had to thank you for the tip about this place! It was so good and SO close to my place. I needed some good carne asada at the last minute and was going to stop at El Sereno meat market, but after finding this review decided to try and find this place instead. I'm so glad I did. The pollo asada was really good too. But the carne asada was so tender, not tough at all, and had a great flavor. The employees are super nice too!