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Mar 24, 2009 01:00 PM

Brunch date options

Any recommendations for a brunch date place? I want good atmosphere (quiet, easy to talk, romantic) more than anything. And of course, great food.

No preference as to cuisine or price. Anywhere in Manhattan is fine.

Dovetail? Eleven Madison Park? What else?
How is Wallse for a date?


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  1. EMP no longer serves brunch. My choices would be Little Owl or Perilla. JG if it's a Saturday and you don't need breakfasty food.

    Have you looked at the options in here?

    1. I just had a delicious brunch at "Supper" an adorable, romantic spot in the E. Village. They have unique brunch options (the Parmesan eggs are to die for) and provide a sauteed white bean and toasted bread to start. Highly recommended!

      1. Does it definitely have to be brunch, rather than lunch?

        1. August would be my pick for a brunch date--make sure to reserve a table in the back room which has a skylight. Its a great spot and a delicious brunch.

          1. Five points - beautiful spot, maybe noisy at brunch - sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't.