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Mar 24, 2009 12:53 PM

Switched from Coke to Pepsi

Well, Diet Coke to Diet Pepsi. And not because of the taste. Because at the supermarkets in my area, I have a choice between 2 liter Diet Pepsi's for $1.59 or 1.5 liter Diet Coke for $1.39. Every time I bought one, I felt like I was ripping myself off. Of course, even better is Dr. Brown's 2 liter for 99 cents.

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  1. Diet Pepsi (or any pepsi) and ANY price is too high and is NEVER a substitute for Diet Coke (or any Coke)

    Friends don't let friends drink Pepsi.

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    1. re: laliz

      Well said, laliz!

      I make a concerted effort not to drink much soda anymore, but I was previously, am now, and ever shall be a Coke-lover. As I like to remind people, the song "We're Having a Party" says, "Cokes are in the icebox..." Not Pepsi! Here's a classic clip of it from Southside Johnny (and a very handsome, young Bruuuuuuce!):

      Keep drinkin' Coke, sista! :)

      1. re: kattyeyes

        Agree, the traitor should be keel hauled, quartered, and hung. I gave up cola in august when I realized I was virtually addicted to it, but when I finally can trust myself it will be "the real thing", no substitutes.

        1. re: KaimukiMan

          Yeah, I used to think I was just "peppy"--not hopped up on speed from the caffeine in Coke. ;) You're right, though, it IS "the real thing," so by all means, once you're in a good place with yourself, do have a Coke and a smile! :) I switched to decaf years ago.

          "That's the way it should be...and I'd like to see...the whole world smiling with me...Coca-Cola adds life...Have a Coke and a smile!"

      2. re: laliz


        Thanks for the best laugh of the day! I feel exactly the same way. As long as I've been drinking soda, from approx. age 3, for cola drinks, I've only liked Coca-Cola--hated Pepsi. Always had fun taking the "Pepsi Challenge." For some reason, they always had the best-tasting Coke. I never drink diet.

        1. re: laliz

          I was once a confirmed cokeaholic, then Coke fell for the propaganda of the "Pepsi Challenge" and changed their formula. New coke tasted like a bad Pepsi rif and I couldn't stand it. Switched to Pepsi then.
          Coke changed their formula again and introduced "Coke Classic", but it just wasn't the same.

          1. re: laliz

            Amen, amen, and amen. I served the first diet Coke in Tallahassee over 20 years ago before it was available locally. Bought some at a store in Orlando and served at a party back home a day or so later. It was a big hit, and as far as I am concerned, still is. Drink one each morning first thing at work, very cold, in a can. If any of you are trying the big bottles, try the can. It makes a difference.

          2. Good grief, sbp, drink water. Diet Pepsi is a terrible option. Make yourself an iced tea. Even Crystal Light is better.

            1. We are a house divided Hubby drinks coke and I love pepsi. Of course I love tea the most.

              1. I'm a Diet Pepsi lover, can't do Diet Coke at all, but will drink a Coke Zero every now and then. And it's totally based on taste. I've cut my consumption down to something less than one a day, but I'm just crazy when I can refill my own in an office or fast food place. I probably drink a whole weeks' worth in a sitting.

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                1. re: jeanmarieok

                  with Diet i go pepsi
                  with regular i like coke
                  here is something interesting no matter what you like.
                  it was found in several studies (surveys) IN GENERAL pepsi drinkers are over 35 the reason being is coke is a touch sweeter ( not being negative here OK ) other studies on ANYTHING sweet also show the older you get you tend to go for things that are less sweet .

                2. Diet Pepsi would be my cola of choice.