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Mar 24, 2009 12:50 PM

Where do you go to get your knives sharpened in OC?


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  1. I take mine to Plaza Cutlery in South Coast Plaza. I think it's $1/inch.

    1. Chef's Toys (now in Fountain Valley off the 405)

      I've been having them sharpen my knives for years, they do a very good job and reasonable prices.

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      1. re: mikester

        Yup. I brought some of my friend's broken tipped knives to Chef's Toys. They charged $5 per knife to regrind the broken tip and sharpen. Did a great job too.

        A regular sharpening is $3 per knife.

          1. re: Professor Salt

            Chef's Toys is also good for a large selection of Kitchen Toys.

          2. re: mikester

            Do they sharpen your knives while you wait?

            1. re: Allmodcons

              They used to, for many years, but now you have to leave them for a day or so.

            2. re: mikester

              I love Chefs Toys! They do great knife sharpening, engraving and tempt me with so many of their fabulous kitchen toys. Even if you get your knife sharpened somewhere else, check them out for fun