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Mar 24, 2009 12:28 PM

Pizza Rec Needed - 14th & 6th

Any suggestions for better than average pizza in the area? We'll need a dozen or so pies for a birthday party.

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  1. pizza 33 is on the corner of 14th & 6th i believe. it might be 14th & 7th but right where you need it. there is also a patsys on university.

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    1. re: mch

      Thnx - I got the address wrong, though. We'll be up at 19th Street.

      Is this the same 33 pizza from Murray Hill?

      1. re: romafan

        yes same as the murray hill location.

    2. I'd go Maffei before Pizza 33. Get a Grandma pie

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      1. re: harrison

        maffei is terrific. a real gem that i wish i would've discovered sooner. grandma is amazing. sicilian is pretty doggone good as well.