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Mar 24, 2009 12:18 PM

Kauai (Popui) with toddler

Hi there,

Some great leads on the previous threads on this board -

Looking forward to trying Samain and checking out the Sunshine Farmer's Market.

We are staying at a condo and will be looking for some cheap eats out and will be doing some grocery shopping. The kid eats lots of different things.

Is there a good fish market in the south area?

Good (but inexpensive) non-chain restaurants that will likely have high chairs and 2-yr old tolerance?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. The Koloa Fish Market is a great find, with wonderful plate lunches. I had the best grilled ahi with wasabi cream sauce, accompanied by rice, salad and mac salad for $7.99. They have some limited sushi, wonderful versions of poke--I had the Korean ahi and the Tako. The Big Save market in Koloa was very good with fresh fish, and a good deli with sushi, poke, etc. etc. If you go to Waimea, don't miss the Shrimp Station for wonderful versions of shrimp--the Coconut Shrimp is classic.

    1. Restaurants in Poipu area that are relatively inexpensive non national chains are Keoki's, Tomkats Grille, Pizzetta, Sueoka's Takeout window in Koloa Town for super cheap .tasty food.

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        Tomkats and Pizzetta both have awful food.

        Sueoka's is only open for lunch, also.