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Mar 24, 2009 12:03 PM

Orris vs Nook Bistro - Help Me Decide for Tonight!

Hanging out with a friend. Don't want to spend more than $35 pp.

Where are the 2 restaurants on the food-quality / chowhound scale?


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  1. Both are two great restaurants... but so different... It really depends what you are in the mood for and what you are going there for...

    Orris is nice, a bit sparse, less of a scene. You can come in under your amount if you aren't very hungry... bit's VERY VERY easy to go over if you start adding specials and such...

    I LOVE the vibe at Nook... you really feel like you are 'someplace' Their small plates are bigger than Orris, so you feel like you are getting more bang for your buck. But watch the booze... even the beers, they can push you over your limit...



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      Yeah, I'd vote Nook. Just something cool and special about that place, in a completely non-stuffy way.

    2. Both are fantastic; with Orris food on the higher side. However, you are better off at a different place, given your price point.

      1. I vote NOOK. Better atmosphere and because it's not small plates like at Orris it is easier to stay within budget.

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          Nook has a two tiered menu... Small Plate and Large Plates... but as noted... their small plates are bigger than what Orris offers and their Large plates... can in most cases be split for a meal for two. :)


        2. As others have said, you really can't go wrong at either. But I also agree with others that you'll have an easier time staying under budget at Nook whereas at Orris, you might have to watch what you order a little more carefully. Still, I could eat that lamb loin carpaccio at Orris pretty much every day...

          1. Nook's servings of both smaller and larger dishes are very generous and they are very good about sharing. The mac'n'cheese is very rich, creamy, and nicely textured with the panko top, (though not sharply cheesed) and makes a good starter to share, maybe along with a salad or the bowl of big mussels. The shortribs are up to $24, but are served with a big mound of smashed potatoes and rich oniony sauce from the braised meat -- a very satisfying dish to share as an entree. This will leave room to split a dessert -- my favorite there is the key lime pie which is rich but also tart, tangy and refreshing, with a crisp crust layer and a nice contrasting blueberry sauce and whipped cream, I think $7. So with the mac, the shortribs, and the dessert, you are at $38 + tax and tip so you have budget room for another couple of dishes or some wine. Parking is free in the center of that minimall lot.

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              Excellent point about the free parking! ;D