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Mar 24, 2009 11:40 AM

Seasons in Durango CO and 4 Corners New Additions/Jewels

I'm coming home (Farmington, NM) in June to visit my family after 2 years of moving to Chicago. Seasons is or should I say was one of my favorite restaurants in the 4 corners and was wondering if anybody has gone to Seasons since it's reopened after the fire and your thoughts on the "new" restaurant.

And on another point...has there been any new worthy additions to the area food-wise that I should check out?

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  1. C & J's Hamburger Cafe, 2411 E 20th St was a new find on my last trip home. I had a green chile cheeseburger, as did most of the customers while we were there. This, and my other meals, were reported at:

    1. Just had lunch at Seasons today. They have done a lovely job on the physical remodel. Same basic set up, with a garden area in the back.

      We got there around 1 pm; there were several tables occupied but most people seemed to be almost done with their meals. By the time we left [an hour later] the place was pretty quiet.

      I had a Butternut Squash Soup with fried sage leaves. The soup was flavorful, with a bit of heat as afterthought. It was not velvety and cream as I thought it would be, but actually it was okay, because it was not heavy nor filling.

      I had a Mushroom and Onion Tart; my husband had a roasted cod. His was a special, mine was from the regular lunch menu.

      My tart had an excellent crust and was done in a galette fashion with the crust simply pinch-pleated. The crust was flakey and very nicely flavored. The filling was rich and satisfying. I must admit, I was surprised because somehow I thought it would be more like quiche, but it had no eggs and only a very little bit of cheese. Unfortunately, the center was still cold and had to be sent back for more heating.

      The tart came with a herbed green salad with a vinagrette. The greens were loaded with sea salt, to the point of not being edible.

      Husbands liked his cod, it had a red pepper sauce, polenta crisp and broccoline. He said that the cod and polent were also very salty.

      The service was less than great. Our server was pleasant, but I had to ask for bread [which she did bring after my asking]. She did not check back after she brought our meals to ask how everything was so I had a to flag her down to ask that the tart be heated. It took too long -- my husband finished his meal and I still didn't have my tart back!

      The kithcen was slow - it took over 30 minutes for our food [not soup, which came pretty quickly] to be served and then almost 10 minutes for the tart to be heated and returned. It was actually sitting on the counter for several minutes before the server picked it up and returned it to me. They were not particularly busy, so I am not sure what the hold up was for the original serving of food. As mentioned above, it wasn't because they were busy preparing orders as most people had been well into their entrees when we walked in.

      The server apologized and that was that. We did leave our comments on the card that came with the check.

      None of these things was a deal breaker, we hope that things improve with time.

      Not sure what the fascination is with sea salt and lots of it here and many, many other places. Salt is not what makes memorable food - or maybe it is?


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        Hah, Durango service at its finest. I love that town, and lived there for many years, but service is always hit or miss. It depends on which server you get, what their attitude is that day or which of their friends came in to sit at the bar, etc etc etc. Very few restaurants there were able to consistently pull off good service in my time, don't suppose it's changed much.