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Mar 24, 2009 10:06 AM

The Guadalajara Return [Western/central Mex]

Almost exactly a year later, I am going back to GDL to see my friends again and hit up places I missed last time. I couldn't pass up $140 round trip tickets. I am going the end of May /beginning of June for 10 full [non travel] days. The plan is half the time in the greater Guadalajara area and the second half I am soliciting ideas.

It needs to be ideally in bus travel - no more than 8 hours each way. So far I am thinking: Guanajuato/Queretero, Mazatlan, Morelia, Zacatecas, & possibly more ambitiously DF/Puebla [though prospect is scary].

My friend and I are budgeting $50US a day. Which I think isnt bad considering the 14 - 1 exchange rate

Can you recommend a place and what should/ where be eaten? Ideas for GDL area are also welcomed, especially Tequila and Tonala.

Thanks guys.

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    1. I don't think DF is scary, though the bus ticket alone would eat up your daily budget. My parents came to visit me when I was staying in Guadalajara. I took an overnight bus to DF, met them the next afternoon and we stayed there for five days. We came back to GDL on an overnight bus again, and they spent their last five days there. The trip itself is very doable, and in theory traveling by overnight bus saves you the cost of a hotel that night. All that being said, I personally didn't eat much memorable food in DF. My hotel (Casa Gonzales) had great breakfasts, though.

      I definitely ate better in Guanajuato and Zacatecas. However, I was living in Mexico at the time and welcomed the chance to eat decent foreign-inspired food. Standouts in both cities are mainly ethnic places. As I just responded to another thread, I ate very well in Sayulita (near Puerto Vallarta). However, it's the off season now and lots of places won't be open.

      1. K_R... you know my opinion... you are not a serious mex hound until you have been to DF =)

        Mexico City is a whole other level... I think you have to have really poor instincts or get completely brainwashed by some Foreign food writer to not have great chow experiences in DF. A serious chow hound like you would be tickled just visiting the great Mercados alone (Central de Abastos, La Merced and San Juan)... if you want to do the wannabe foodie beaten path to have something in common with the herd... the Coyoacan market is okay.

        There is great food elsewhere, but Mexico City isn't regarded as one of the greatest food cities on the planet for nothing.

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            You know, I tried to let KR do his thing, but now I have to concur.I would do a day hitting the tequila tours, even the train wouldn't be bad since you've never been.But, if not line up your distilleries for tastings and tours,day 1 and 2. 3 days in D.F.Queretaro, Guanajuato, and Zacatecas for beautiful day trips, and chill in Maz for a couple before the flight.Jalisco for tequila, DF for food, the colonial cities for the view, and Maz for chelas, mariscos, y las bellezas.