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Mar 24, 2009 09:47 AM

French Lick Resort (Indiana)

Hey Y'all,
Anybody been to the newly renovated French Lick Resort? I know they pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into that place, but I couldn't tell if the food matches up. I saw they do have 2 hotels as part of the complex (French Lick Springs Hotel and the West Baden Springs Hotel).
Any thoughts/recommendations?
I am heading down there for a night with my girlfriend, so I would like some place nice but don't want to break the bank.

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  1. At French Lick Springs, we have had lunch at the Power Plant Bar and it was fine. The Grand Colonnade Buffet was xlnt for breakfast and lunch but not so much for dinner: food OK but lighting is too bright, and you have to wait forever for them to bring you a glass of wine. Have not tried 1875: The Steakhouse.

    Half a mile away and reachable by shuttle, Sinclair's Restaurant at West Baden Springs is reputedly excellent but pricey. We intend to try it the next time we are down there.

    Both facilities are beautiful. Even if you don't eat or stay there, PLEASE check out West Baden Springs's atrium and don't miss the gorgeous Rookwood fireplace.

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      I had a customer in he shop last week (Goods) raving about Sinclairs. I guess we are going to have to give it a try.

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        Sounds very interesting. Are some of those restaurants mentioned above in the two hotels?

        I have been wondering about these two resorts, too, since I read of the grand re-opening of the West Baden Springs hotel. Does anyone have a report on the rooms there, or recommend one resort over the other? (Or both, or neither!?) I have read glowing reports of the resort experience at French Lick (from their press releases, I think) and wonder if they are true to life and worth the drive (and expense, of course).

        Any thoughts? Thanks.

      2. We have stayed at the West Baden Springs Hotel a few times and loved it. The rooms are very nice. You can get inside rooms overlooking the atrium, some with small balconies (for higher $), or outside rooms with windows to the outside. We haven't stayed at the French Lick Springs Hotel but have explored it. They are 1/2 mile from each other and they have continuous shuttles. FLS has the casino so it's busier, but we really like WBS. Like someone said, at least check it out. The Collonade buffet at FLS is ok. We ate there once for lunch. Not terrible, but not really that good. We love breakfast and lunch at the Cafe at Sinclairs at WBS. Really excellent food. Sinclairs is pricey for dinner and we haven't tried it. Another option for dinner is Hagen's Restaurant at the Donald Ross Course (one of the golf courses) about 5 minutes up the road. They have outdoor seating which is very nice. The prices are cheap and the food and atmosphere are nice. So, I'd stay at WBS, eat at The cafe at Sinclairs at WBS for breakfast, lunch, or both, and have dinner at Hagen's to save some $. Take the shuttle and check out FLS too. There's other restaurants there too but I've never tried them. Have a good time. Theyve really done an incredible job down there all around.

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          Thank you for your thoughtful review. Especially the tips on where to dine.

          We will definitely make a visit to WBS.