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Mar 24, 2009 09:46 AM

Best pretzel bread from a bakery?

I love pretzel bread and have been craving it recently. Unfortunately, the only places (apart from my own kitchen) that I ever find it served are restaurants that are rather inconvenient for an anytime snack. Does anybody know of a good bakery (preferably on the Westside) that has good pretzel bread? I'm thinking of smaller demi-baguette sized pretzel bread or even the larger round loaf. Thanks very much!

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    1. Rockenwagner Bakery on Washington in Culver City/Mar Vista usually carries pretzel rolls of various sorts as well as three types demis with different "sprinkles" on them. You can also check out Rockenwagner's other place - 3 Square on Abbot Kinney in Venice. They should also have the same selection. Rock now has a bakery storefront on the Promenade too. I haven't been but I would imagine it's got the same as 3 Square's selection. Rock also appears at a lot of the local farmers markets as well. I don't know which, but I believe I saw them at the tuesday Culver City FM on Main St. But they show up at the wednesday Santa Monica FM for sure. They're usually on 2nd Street.

      Rockenwagner Bakery
      12835 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066

      3 Square Cafe
      1121 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

      Santa Monica Organic Farmers Market
      3rd Street and Arizona Ave, Santa Monica, CA

      Santa Monica Wednesday Farmers Market
      2nd St and Arizona Ave, Santa Monica, CA

      Culver City Farmers Market
      3852 Main St, Culver City, CA

      Rockenwagner Bakery Cafe
      311 Arizona Ave, Santa Monica, CA

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        second, third, fourth? rockenwagner/three square. they have pretzel bread rolls in a dozen different incarnations. with cheddar, with poppy seeds, with sesame seeds, with jalapenos, with rock salt.

        also not to be missed: cheddar, bacon, arugula bread. comes in a mini-muffin loaf and makes the perfect breakfast.

      2. This isn't a bakery, but it is westside -- if you're in the mood for a really good burger on a pretzel roll, check out Hole in the Wall. I don't know if they make the rolls, or where they might get them, but they're tasty. Hole in the Wall is a gem of a burger place at Santa Monica & Sepulveda (literally ,behind Winchell's - park in the strip mall lot, go round the corner, behind Winchell's for HitW). If you like it, maybe they'll sell you a few rolls, or turn you on to their source. Enjoy!

        Hole in the Wall Burger Joint
        11058 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

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          1. re: bulavinaka

            I like the burger at Hole in the Wall -- quite thick, griddle-grilled to order, and extremely juicy. The pretzel bun is slick and interestingly tasting and textured. But when you order the burger medium-rare as I do, it is too juicy for the bun. The juices slip down rather than getting sopped up by the bread. I appreciate the concept, but I think the sandwich works better on their regular bun, which is an option there. They use a checklist system for ordering like the Counter -- choose your meat, bun, cheese, and toppings -- basic cheeseburger is $9.95. An order of fries is very large -- one bag can easily satisfy two or even more diners, and they make them welldone on request.

            1. re: nosh

              Nosh -- did they recently raise their prices, it was $7.95 for the basic cheeseburger (with no fancy extras like bacon), when I was there maybe a month or so ago. I guess that's how the burger drips... I personally don't mind how messy that pretzel roll gets, it's such a darn tasty combination.

              1. re: debra

                I stand corrected -- a Google search reveals the website with the sample form for ordering the burgers, and the price for the basic cheeseburger is indeed $7.95. I went in the very early days of the new burger operation, using a coupon for free fries that I recall being from an insert in the newspaper or a mail promotion. I do remember being impressed with how amazingly juicy the burger was, and how difficult the last part was to eat. The place had its ambitions, with housemade ketchup and homemade pickled zucchini, and not everything worked. The sunny little patio was very pleasant for a nice lunch, but the colder than normal winter had to hurt them, since there isn't a lot of indoor seating. Time to get back there for another try, especially with all of the hubbub on the board lately for the new, hot Umami Burger out on La Brea.

              2. re: nosh

                >>I like the burger at Hole in the Wall -- quite thick... extremely juicy... is slick and interestingly tasting and textured... it is too juicy for the bun... The juices slip down rather than getting sopped up...<<

                You should be censored - your affinity with wicked superlatives is scary. :) Their burgers scratch that primal itch - like a vixen from "Heavy Metal" comics spilling outta her clothes... :)

          2. Thanks for all of your responses - it sounds like Rockenwagner is the place to go, but I'll have to check out all of the places mentioned, though, just to be sure (and of course to eat more good food). As for Hole in the Wall Burger Joint, I've heard their burgers are delicious and I've been meaning to try them out for a while so I guess I now have a reason to!

            1. La Brea Bakery has the best pretzel baguette and cold pretzel. They are delicious The pretzel rolls can sometimes be found at the supermarkets that sell La Brea bread (ie. Gelson's), but not the same. Also, believe it or not the grocery delivery serice has a decent baguette.