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Mar 24, 2009 09:46 AM

Baba Ghannouj - RTP

Baba Ghannouj in the shopping center at the intersection of 54 and 55 now offers a buffet for lunch and dinner for $8.99. This is the first middle eastern buffet that I've encountered and it has earned a slot in the lunchtime rotation. It's worth checking out for the chicken kebabs and egglplant salad alone. The green beans, chick peas, and curried chicken are OK. The hummus and baba are above average. They also offer gyro meat, greek salad, fattoush, tabouleh, tahini (good), cucumber sauce (great), and baklava (good). The place was packed at prime lunchtime today.

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  1. Are they the same folks who ran Baba Ghannouj in the Courtyard off of Franklin in CH? We tried them once and were very pleased, but it looks like they've gone belly up.

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    1. re: Remsleep

      I'm fairly certain it's the same folks. From their website, they're down to only two locations: RTP and Cary. They had another one on Erwin Road in Durham. Not sure when that one went belly up. It seemed like they were expanding very quickly and it appears that they were expanding too quickly.

      1. re: Shag Waits

        There's one on Main Street (in Erwin Square) near 9th street in Durham... it was still there as of last week when we got take-out. It has the same menu as the website for the others, but maybe it's unaffiliated? Or maybe it left, in which case I'll be very sad, because I walk over there all the time.

        1. re: Tartan

          Your post freaked me out, but I went and confirmed - Baba Gannouj in Erwin Square is still there same as always.

      2. re: Remsleep

        I got takeout from the Hwy 54 location just the other day, and it was terrific. I hadn't eaten there in awhile. The beef kabobs were very tender, and the sides were extremely good (I got eggplant salad, cauliflower, and a cucumber salad, all very good). The rice looked like it was made with real saffron, not turmeric. Overall I was really pleased.

      3. Is this the Baba Gannouj in the shopping center at 54 and Fayetteville Rd with the Harris Teeter? Or is this a different Baba Gannouj?

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        1. re: Lucydevil

          Right next to Chosun Ok in the shopping center at the intersection of 54 and 55. According their website, there is no longer one at Fayetteville.

          1. re: Shag Waits

            Since I had dinner there last night, the Baba Gannouj in the Homestead Market strip mall at 54 and Fayetteville is definitely still around. Odd that the web site does not list any of the Durham locations.

        2. They also have (had?) a location at 55 and High House. I'm a big fan of Baba G - great food, very nice people.

          1. The Baba Ghannouj Bistro story:

            "...He didn't stop with one. Over the past four years, Haddad has opened six Baba Ghannouj restaurants in the area.

            He sold three to independent operators..."


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            1. re: blewgo

              The Baba Ghannouji in Chapel Hill closed after just a few months. They were in a horrible location. More important, they were close to Mediterranean Deli, which has much better variety, quality and price.

              1. re: ucctgg

                there is one in cary on harrison ave...don't know if it's the same owners, but what a great value for the price of lunch! i like the quality of food at neomonde better but for the price and value, i prefer baba, does anyone else dislike the ordering process at neomonde??