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Mar 24, 2009 09:40 AM


With Spring upon us and Easter around the corner my thoughts have turned to Lamb dishes of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities. I'd love to hear your recommendations for restaurants serving delicious lamb dishes - anything from simple succulent kabobs to tender lamb chops to smothered shanks, from tandori to stews to sausages. To keep you all focused, my preference is for a place I can take a crew of 6-8 people, T-accessible a plus but not a requirement, nothing too expensive (entrees < $20) , just good lamb dishes - greek, indian, persian, north african, whatever. Thanks in advance!

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  1. The lamb kabobs at Sultan's kitchen (near Gov. Center/ State Street) convinced me that I really could like lamb after all.

    1. Helmand Restaurant in Cambridge has outstanding rack of lamb and loads of other good things -- those aushak (leek ravioli) are amazing as is the banjan (eggplant) app. The lamb is a bit outside your price parameters although most other things on the menu are well within. http://www.helmandrestaurantcambridge...

      The grilled kofte and adana kabob (skewered lamb concoctions) at the Brookline Family Restaurant are both great – I usually get them as part of the mixed grill which is great for getting lots of tastes. Other favorites there are the mucver (zucchini fritters), falafel and stuffed kofte apps, the latter having a lamb filling. This is definitely a place to share everything family-style.

      There are some very interesting lamb dishes on the Sichuan part of the menu at Chilli Garden in Medford Square.—I know we really liked the home-style lamb and can’t remember the other one we liked a lot. The wait staff are really good with recommendations there. And don’t miss the wontons with chili sauce, they are fabulous.

      1. second the recommendation for the helmand. especially for the qabelee (chunks of braised lamb shank baked with rice, raisins, and glazed carrots), chowpan (grilled rack of lamb), and lamb lawand (sauteed leg of lamb). they also have lots of good non-lamb and vegetarian options

        1. Here are a couple. The roast lamb and eggplant sandwich at Artu (~$6-8) and the Sultan's delight and adana kebab at Family Turkish restaurant.

          1. I just read here on Boston Chowhound about the $20 Sunday Lamb Roast at Rialto:

            I've always enjoyed the lamb soup at Beijing Star in Waltham.