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Mar 24, 2009 09:37 AM

Authentic deli corned beef

Went to Rueben's in Brookline a few months back to pick up some corned beef for my homeade rye bread...I mean if you have good rye you need good corned beef (or pastrami). I thought it was ok, but was looking for better. I'm looking for somewhere in the local area.

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  1. Try Michael's NY Deli on Harvard just south of Coolidge Corner.

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    1. re: Velda Mae

      Second the recommendation. They don't serve much else.

      1. re: alwayscooking

        Third hand waving in the air for Michael's

          1. re: hlerm2

            Absolutely, Michael's corned beef is the best. I had the opportunity to eat at 2nd Ave Deli in NYC and Michael's in the same week not long ago, and Michael's corned beef was tastier (though 2nd Ave did have better pastrami).

            Sounds like you're coming in from out of town so check that he's open first - weekends he's closes up shop at 2 or so in the afternoon.

    2. I've just recently discovered a great Pastrami at Russo's and think it's delicious. Might be from Pearl (like the hot dog). Nice spice/cumin/corriander crust. Very rustic to go with the homemade bread. I haven't tried the corned beef yet but can vouch for the pastrami.

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      1. re: Misterie

        I just picked up some of that pastrami at Russo's this afternoon. It is tasty. The sign definitely said Pearl. They also have Pearl dogs and corned beef.

        By the way, I've had good luck hitting Russo's at 5:30 or so during the week. It was pretty quiet lines or waiting except for a couple of minutes at the deli. So much less chaotic than the weekend madness.