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the new inoteca-have you been?

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my friends want to go to the new inoteca on 3rd & 24th for dinner this week. have you been yet? your comments are appreciated.

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  1. I was there last week with two friends. We went early, around 6:30, and it was already very crowded, but mostly in the bar area. We were seated right away. Everything we ordered was very good, including the grilled octopus, Spaghettini with pomodoro (very tasty- much better than I was expecting), and the fontina panini. We had a couple of desserts, which were fine, but nothing too special. The service was actually friendly as well, and fairly quick. I was expecting it to be slow. We had a nice time. It was very crowded when we left though (bar and dining room), so it's probably best to go early.

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      is it related to Inoteca on Ludlow St ?

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        Yes, same owners -- the Denton brothers. Then menu is slightly different at 'inoteca Luquori Bar, i.e., some pasta dishes have been added.


    2. Its very good and the people there are super nice. That being said, its still pretty ridiculously crowded, so dont expect to sit down right away without a reservation. I really enjoy the various bruschette, the truffled egg toast (the entire restaurant smells of truffle oil) and some of the pastas. Haven't tried the panini yet but they look good

      1. Met some friends last week around 6:30 and were seated in the bar area right away, though it was the last of the tables or even seats at the bar. It is a great spot for wine and snacks. Their cocktails looked really interesting too. Would love to know how they are.

        Went back Sunday for an early dinner for 2, arriving at 5:30, was seated right away but by the time we left it was packed! We had some bruschetta, the truffled egg toast and the proscuitto and sopresetta paninis. I thought the paninis were pretty big and they were served by themselves, as in no salad or anything on the side. Well to be fair there was a little spoonful of roasted fennel with mine. The proscuitto panini had arugula pesto on it which was tasty. I really enjoyed the rabe and the fig and mascapone bruschetta.

        It is a great addition to the neighborhood. I would suggest going early and sharing!

        1. i went last week. Started with cocktails in by the bar....incredible drink menu. My fav was the Luce del Sole (grapefruit vodka, aperitivo aperol honey syrup, freshly squeezed lemon & orange juices)
          Food was eh...nothing to write home about. I did, however, really enjoy their chicken caccitore skewer. Meat just fell off the bone. Truffle egg toast is outrageous too (we didnt order it with the bottarga)!

          1. i'm going thursday so i'll be sure to report back.

            1. They have their act together. Service was helpful and friendly, guided us on how many dishes to order and kept us from overordering. Cocktails surprisingly good. The 323 was rosemary infused hendricks gin with balsamic reduction, basil oil and fresh squeezed clementine juice. It looked like gutter runoff - a murky brown - but was quite tasty. Truffled egg toast was great though surprisingly tough to cut through with a knife, spaghetti pomodoro was also superb (not as firey as Lupas similar dish and with more garlic). Spedini were perfect, octopus was charred and juicy without any of the toughness or rubbery feel that is often the result of grilling. The pairing of the octopus with fennel was inspired. Beet salad with hazelnuts and mint was also simple and well executed. Nutella pannini for dessert were simple toasted mini sandwiches of nutella. No pretense, just simple and straightforward execution. Clearly a keeper in a neighborhood that needs more of them.

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                Any idea when they will open for lunch?

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                  I called and was told lunch will start next week.