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Mar 24, 2009 08:08 AM

Lunch in Mystic

My husband and I are going to be in Mystic on a Friday afternoon in May and are looking for a spot to have lunch. My husband keeps mentioning pizza, but is it really worth it?

I'd like feedback on all types of cuisine though. I know oftentimes in touristy locations you have to sacrifice food quality for a good view/atmosphere or vice versa, but is there anywhere that you can't get both?

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  1. This is one place I would recommend for lunch.(http://www.steakloftct.com/) There are a few others in the area. . The Seaman's Inn located at the Sea Port, is also good for lunch.. Its accessible from the Street. There is a place Called Jamms located up on the hill across from the Mystic Village. which is also good for lunch. (http://www.jammsmystic.com/) (http://www.mysticrestaurants.com/dire...) This is a listing of Restaurants in the Mystic area, not all necessarily in Mystic, some are in Stoning ton Harbor area. Which is also a very nice place to visit. and have lunch, Make sure you check your directions if you plan on going Because you have to go up over the bridge to get there. Good luck and I hope this helps Earle CT.

    1. Mystic Pizza. Allow me to point out their market plan: if every tourist coming to Mystic buys pizza there once in order to have the picture, how good does the pizza have to be? Pizza Grille right across the road from Exit 90 southbound does, however do decent pizza (like their grilled multiple mushroom kind) if you want pizza. I think meh about steak loft and avoid at all costs the Seaman's Inn. Jamm's does a good cobb salad, though no view. I've heard too many things about Kitchen Little's decline since Rachel Ray showcased it (It also closes at 1 or 1:30) and haven't visited during that time to refute or confirm them. S&P Oyster House is nice for lunch, especially if it's good enough weather to be on the water. May should be just about right. Drawbridge Ice Cream on the other side of the river is good but not cheap for dessert. If you're into Chain Land, there is a 5 Guys burger across from the Aquarium. If it's beautiful weather, you might get an excellent sandwich from Mystic Market on Rte 1 and picnic on the river side. (I love picnicking in Elm Grove cemetary with all the sea captains, but there is a nice riverside park in downtown too.)

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        Agree wholeheartedly: OP, please do NOT go to Mystic Pizza!

        thinks too much, is Voodoo Grill still a tasty option? We used to enjoy going for lunch, but I couldn't tell you the last time we went or what we used to order. Am guessing probably pulled pork or brisket sandwiches.

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          Wow. I haven't been to voodoo grill in ages. I recall it being good but not mind-blowing. I'm decidedly not a good source for current conditions there. I liked it when I went, but when I'm in Mystic these days I eat with other people who tend not to suggest there (or I go to Rice Spice Noodle with no other friends than the dh)

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            See, me either...but I do recall Voodoo as a good spot for lunch. I don't know of any food in the Mystic area that's mind-blowing, though. ;)

            My most recent Mystic food experience was Tastings last month. Really fun (and delicious) spot...would work for lunch, especially for winos (which we are!). I had one of the best roast beef sandwiches there! Learned of it on this board:

            I'll keep Rice Spice Noodle on my radar for a future trip.

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              Tastings is definitely on my radar. I just need to round up my friends along the CT way to go for a bite.

              Recently my social life has dictated that I've been eating around Cranston. There are a suprising number of options around there for affordable and interesting eats. When it gets warmer I want to buy a chunk of goat meat from the Jerusalem butcher up there and create a Mexican feast.

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                Cinco de Mayo is coming--there ya go! :)

      2. No pizza there but Somewhere in Time in Mystic (Gold Star Highway) is a great lunch and breakfast place. Wonderful sandwiches, wraps, omelettes, pancakes. The turkey club, for example, is a thick sandwich with REAL turkey, fresh roasted that day! Not a tourist place, a little off the beaten track but much better imo than Jamms.

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          The only pizza I like in Mystic is at Pizzetta (www.pizzettamystic.com) but unfortunately I don't think they're open for lunch... other than that, Bravo Bravo is fantastic (just over the drawbridge), as well as the roadside Sea Swirl (www.seaswirlofmystic.com) for delicious clam cakes and cod sandwiches.

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            Cgypsy, I have heard wonderful things about pizzetta, except that the specialty pies are spendy for the size you get. It's thin-crust, right? Until I just looked at their website I hadn't realized that it was tucked into the dead zone of Mystic. Isn't that the same location that the wrap place was, followed by the Indian place followed by the....?

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              You're right -- it's in the same house - upstairs from where the Indian place was. The night I went for dinner (about a year ago) there was a 15-minute wait for a table, then it took quite a while for the pizza to come out (I'm hoping service has gotten quicker by now). And yes, the pizza is a little pricey, but I really did enjoy it (thin crust, yes) and they have a fun wine list (with wine flights).

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                I love any sandwich and salad at Mystic Market. They do have a few tables in the front of the market.