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Mar 24, 2009 07:41 AM

Looking for a well known Tokyo Fruit Shop

I'm headed to Tokyo next week with my daughter and I recall reading a piece in a local paper (I'm from Toronto) about a very well-known shop in Tokyo that sells high end fruit. But I can't for the life of me remember the name or where its located, and multiple searches on this board have been fruitless (ha ha).

Anyhow, I know Japan is full of shops selling melons for 20000 Yen, but the place I was looking is supposedly famous, and sells only the highest quality of everything. In particular the article mentioned buying a tangerine for 800 yen that was 25% sugar.

I realize this is not much to go on, but anyone have any ideas?

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  1. Could be the Manso in Kanda. Oldest fruit seller in Japan. In the beginning, the Japanese imported fruit for ornamental purposes, they didn't quite realize that you could eat them. But they fixed that afterwards. Also, in the 1880s, they learned that Westerners liked pancakes, so they started selling them and to this day they make an excellent hotcake which is perfect and comes with a pound of high-fat butter and a pitcher of maple syrup... Mmmm

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      think they sell those pancakes for lunch?

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        They actually have a little yoshoku restaurant on the premises, so you can have pancakes for dessert... But the ancient fish ladies rule.

    2. I don't know if this is the store but you can try SUN FRUITS at the basement of Midtown. They specialize on high end fruits.

      Location at Midtown:

      1. Maybe Sembikiya? I had a $40 parfait at the Kyobashi branch last year. I ordered it mainly so I could tell people I had a $40 parfait. :P

        1. There are several fruit shops in the city, all of them offering comparable product. The two most famous right now are probably Sembikiya, There is a big branch in Nihonbashi at the base of the MItsui Tower, the same building that houses the Mandarin Oriental.

          Also, Takano Fruits, in Shinjuku has two floors as well as a restaurant where you can do a full course, with seasonal fruits. I went recently and strawberries and mangos were featured.

          I stopped by Manso in Kanda recently and their selection was disappointing.

          Also, you could check your closest depachika as they all have fruit shops. Many will have a small counter where you can get fruit juice, cut fruit or parfaits.

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            What is a full course fruits meal like? I like fruit as much as the next guy, but because I never actively seek out sweet meals I've never tried it.

          2. I think this is the story you were looking for, which mentioned Sembikiya:

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                That's it thanks! Back now, unfortunately, but we did stop in at Takano Fruits in Shinjuku and tried their mandarins. Sweet and delicious! Wish I had seen this article before I left though....but there's always next time! Thanks all for your input.