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Mar 24, 2009 07:23 AM

Best tahini?

I can only get Joyva and Telma brands where I live but I will be in NY in a few weeks and am wondering, what are the best tasting canned brands around? I need canned because I'm looking to stock up and need something that will last.


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  1. rockycat, if you're in or near NYC, head to Sahadi's in Brooklyn and pick up some jars of the Al Wadi brand. it's a Lebanese brand, and easily the best jarred tahini i've had. (the best tahini i've ever eaten, period, was in Israel many years ago, but that's another thread.)

    Kalustyan's also occasionally has it, and that's definitely a Chow-worthy destination anyway.

    123 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10016

    187 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201

    1. I like Setton's brand. it's in a jar though, but it's delicious. They make a small jar and a large jar.

      1. I got tired of paying the price for tahini in a metal can which is always separated.
        I found that it is easy to make as needed:

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          Thanks for posting the link tyrkala - that looks great. I can't wait to try it.

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            Anybody tried Indo-European tahini?

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              do you mean their house brand in the glass jar? they also distribute Al Wadi which i happen to think is pretty good, but you have to like Lebanese-style tahini which tends to be more bitter than the products from Israel, Greece, Turkey and here in the US.

              the Indo-European in the glass jar is also from Lebanon, so i imagine it's comparable to the Al Wadi in terms of bitterness.

        2. The best tahini is dictated by two things... starting with Sudanese or Ethiopian sesame seeds (as opposed to Guatemala, China, India, Mexico) and also stone grinding the roasted sesame seeds as opposed to high speed mills (which gives it the darker color and the burnt bitter taste). You also have to be careful of the addition of zinc oxide to lighten the color of the tahini. Lighter is always better.
          In a glass jar the best I have tasted is Dalia Tahini. Al Wadi is good too, but don't like the plastic jars.

          1. I get what looks like generic Tahini @ different Middle Eastern grocery stores in Manhattan, (Kalustayan), Queens (AL Bustan) or Brooklyn (Atlantic Ave markets bet Court and Clinton Sts). It's in a glass jar made in Lebanon. I see different labels on the jars at each market but it all seems the same and excellent. I use Joyva in a pinch when I can't get to the specialty markets but it requires a lot of stirring. AlWadi and Dahlia are two of the "brands."