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Dinner in Downtown area

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I will be in Boston tommorrow evening on business. Looking to get a nice meal by myself and have some local fare. I'm staying next to the Boston Garden at the Bulfinch

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  1. A short walk is Neptune Oyster in the heart of the Italian Northend: http://www.neptuneoyster.com/. Depends on what you're looking for.

    1. I agree with Neptune Oyster for more of a "local flair" but for terrific fresh seafood, also a short walk away, next to Boston City Hall is Oceanaire and as they are in the middle of Boston Restaurant Week you can get a very good 3 course dinner for $33.09.

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        I have been to Oceanaire in Seattle and Minneapolis. Always great. Thanks!

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          i'll never understand eating at a chain while in a place you're not limited to that. what i have had at oceanaire has been very so-so.

        2. Theres actually a tasty restaurant in the hotel, the Flatiron Tapas bar. I only went once when some friends were staying there, but it was great.

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            Also in the North End is one of my favorites, both for food and atmosphere -- Mamma Maria's. It's on North Square, right near the Paul Revere house. It's a grownup and rather plush italian restaurant.

          2. While I agree with all of the suggestions so far - my advice is to walk to Regina Pizzaria on Thatcher Street in the North End (not a long walk) and have a small pizza (and a cold beer or glass of wine) at the bar. It is great pizza and a real Boston experience.

            By the way, the area of Boston that you will be staying in is usually called "North Station" not "Downtown".

            1. Locke-Ober's is an old Boston institution. It is about a fifteen minute walk from the Garden. Walk straight down Tremont St. to Temple Place. Don't base the place on the outside! Enjoy your trip here!

              1. Thanks for the advice. Ended up at Neptune. Had a great chowda, a lobster roll with butter and some Harpoon Hiberian Irish Ales. Thanks!!