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Mar 24, 2009 07:17 AM

Dinner in Downtown area

I will be in Boston tommorrow evening on business. Looking to get a nice meal by myself and have some local fare. I'm staying next to the Boston Garden at the Bulfinch

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  1. A short walk is Neptune Oyster in the heart of the Italian Northend: Depends on what you're looking for.

    1. I agree with Neptune Oyster for more of a "local flair" but for terrific fresh seafood, also a short walk away, next to Boston City Hall is Oceanaire and as they are in the middle of Boston Restaurant Week you can get a very good 3 course dinner for $33.09.

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        I have been to Oceanaire in Seattle and Minneapolis. Always great. Thanks!

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          i'll never understand eating at a chain while in a place you're not limited to that. what i have had at oceanaire has been very so-so.

        2. Theres actually a tasty restaurant in the hotel, the Flatiron Tapas bar. I only went once when some friends were staying there, but it was great.

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            Also in the North End is one of my favorites, both for food and atmosphere -- Mamma Maria's. It's on North Square, right near the Paul Revere house. It's a grownup and rather plush italian restaurant.

          2. While I agree with all of the suggestions so far - my advice is to walk to Regina Pizzaria on Thatcher Street in the North End (not a long walk) and have a small pizza (and a cold beer or glass of wine) at the bar. It is great pizza and a real Boston experience.

            By the way, the area of Boston that you will be staying in is usually called "North Station" not "Downtown".

            1. Locke-Ober's is an old Boston institution. It is about a fifteen minute walk from the Garden. Walk straight down Tremont St. to Temple Place. Don't base the place on the outside! Enjoy your trip here!