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Mar 24, 2009 07:14 AM

Comparable to Kowloon

Tomorrow is mom's b-day. For some reason unknown her favorite Chinese restaurant is I am not feeling like traveling to Saugus by T. Is there any place on the T that has comparable food and cheesiness????

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  1. It depends on whether you want really bad Chinese food; there are some places on or near the T that have the cheesy factor, but they can be pretty bad. Kowloon is actually pretty decent because they do such high volume that the food is generally a little fresher than other similar places.

    Golden Temple in Brookline used to be a bit tacky and cheesy, but I haven't been there in years, and I believe they renovated the place so it may not be so tacky anymore.

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      UMMM.....well if the food is bad then she will love
      All suggestions are welcome. Tacky, bad food, or a combo.

      1. re: Johnresa

        Hmmm, maybe Tiki Island in Medford? It's fairly close to Wellington Station, and I believe is on a bus line.

        1. re: hiddenboston

          That would work just right. I forgot about that place. I have never been there but I heard it was cheesy and all. Also it is on the 108 bus line and that is the same bus that services my house. Whoo

          1. re: Johnresa

            Billy tse in Revere is close to the wonderland stop, also Billy tse in the North End.

            1. re: phatchris

              Let me look into that too...Thanks. Tiki Island seems pretty overpriced.

              1. re: phatchris

                the billy tse in revere doesn't have the standard cheesy decor and actually has some pretty decent americanized chinese and pan-asian dishes

                try ho win palace in everett. the interior hasn't changed since they opened over thirty years ago and the food is horrible

                1. re: galangatron

                  I think Ho Win is a winner here. I will let everyone know how we liked it :-)

      2. am i the only one reading this and having vaguely fond memories of aku-aku?

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        1. re: intheq

          No you are I was wishing from the start that Aku Aku was still there at Alewife Station.

          1. re: intheq

            Yes, I was thinking just that, and also thinking about the Mad Max type bar in the lower floor of the place.

            1. re: hiddenboston

              I loved it. I remember when they replaced it when Summer Shack....I was just

          2. I would put in a vote for South Pacific in Newton. Cheesy Decor, Heavy on the Sweet & Sour Polynesian dishes and Scorpion Bowls. Unfortunately it is not directly accessible by T but is only a short cab ride from the Newton Highlands T Stop.

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            1. re: sushidad

              Heh, I would not put in a vote for the South Pacific. I used to go there a lot, but stopped once I heard that story about the workers trying to catch ducks at a local pond.

              Kenny sure could make a helluva mixed drink, though...

              1. re: hiddenboston

                they have fresh killed duck?
                i'd go there just for that.....

                1. re: hiddenboston

                  "Trying to catch ducks at a local pond" that would be a plus for me for any restaurant. Way cool. Locavore dining at it's best. On more then one occasion I have thought of grabbing one of those pesky geese along the Charles. Would not be at all tricky to catch one. Roast goose or goose confit, YUM.

                  1. re: StriperGuy

                    In Rockland county NY, they tried to rid themselves of a Canadian goose problem at an area lake park by killing the geese, and having them sent off for cleaning and packing in order to cook at homeless shelters. After much heated debate, they killed a few hundred, only to find out that they had mercury levels through the roof which helped bring an abrupt end to the program.

                    1. re: LStaff

                      Being a pedant (and not meant in a rude way): Canada goose, not Canadian goose.

              2. How about that big cheesy palace-on-the-hill near ...saugus(?) its cheesy even from a to be even more so when you get inside...or is that Kowloon???? If it is is WORTH taking the T ...your mom's happiness on her birthday is something you must guarantee!

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                1. re: cornFusion

                  You must be thinking of Jin. I haven't been, but have heard decidedly mixed reviews. Of course, that's almost what you WANT to hear when it comes to this type of restaurant, LOL.

                  1. re: hiddenboston

                    I have been there and I am not sure the food would be pleasing to

                    1. re: Johnresa

                      Me and the family ended up at Ho Win Palace in Everett. We ordered a PuPu Platter, lobster sauce, egg fu yung, pork fried rice, and crab rangoons. all of the food was fresh and served piping hot. My only complaint was the crab rangoon filling was too liquidy. There was no texture whatsoever.....just smooth liquidy cream that tasted bland as heck. Loved the chicken fingers and lobster sauce the best. I would go here more often if it was not so chilly these days. i will be back though. BTW the decorum leaves A LOT to be Mom loved it!

                      1. re: Johnresa

                        Happy birthday to mom - and kudos to you!

                        1. re: Johnresa

                          Just an update ... the Golden Temple has that style of Chinese - American food. They did renovate a while ago, and it is actually very nice. My only complaint is they don't actually bring a PuPu platter, just the food on a plate, no burner! I haven't been for a while, but their scorpion bowl knocked my socks off! In Coolidge Corner, there is Chef Chow's. They have the dark wood, green leather booths, and the same food, little cheaper.