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Mar 24, 2009 06:36 AM

Getting a Popeye's near my office...recommendations?

I notice a new Popeye's is opening near my office and I've never been to one but have seen it mentioned on the board and wondered fans would recommend trying when that fateful day finally arrives.

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  1. Lucky you, great food. I'd give them a couple of weeks to get the crew trained and up to speed before you try it. They're a great chain.

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    1. re: mrbigshotno.1

      And even then, it might not be great. They opened one here in Boston,MA and it's just never seemed nearly as good as I've seen in other spots.

    2. Their red beans & rice one of my favorite fast food items (and there isn't much on that list).

      If you order the fried chicken, get it spicy.

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      1. re: summeranne

        I'll jump on the Popeye's bandwagon as well. I also prefer the spicy over mild version . The dirty rice is pretty good, but I find it depends on specific locations for its quality and consistency. The red beans and rice are always good. At the local location by me here in New Jersey, if you do not order biscuits first, they will ask you if you want 3 for a dollar. The best deals at Popeye's are usually on Tuesdays....many locations used to run a 2/$1 special in the south. Here in NJ, one location offers 20 pieces of dark meat only with two apple pies for $15.99. I do like the Cajun Fries, but only if I see them freshly prepared out of the fryolater and dumped.

        Check your area for free printable coupons.

        1. re: summeranne

          100% agree. The red beans are smoky and delicious and great with the spicy chicken.

          1. re: bayoucook

            My recommendation to Janet is to find a local chain or mom and pop for chicken. Popeye's red beans and rice are suscpisously smoky, liquid smoke perhaps, and their spicy chicken is nothing more than chicken with cayenne dumped on it. In Houston we have a local chain, Frenchy's, in a very diverse neighborhood situated between two universities with a Popeye's nearby. The Frenchy's is always packed, with long lines at the windows, and the drive thru wrapped around the building. Popeye's is virtually a ghostown. The beans and rice have andouille sausage, the chicken is well seasoned. Popeye's isn't bad, in a pinch, but for someone who only eats fried chicken once a year or more, I look for the best. There must be several places in Richmond better than Popeye's.

            1. re: James Cristinian

              This is one of the few cases where I prefer a chain over local offerings. The local fried chicken I've had has had one consistent quality - bland! And this is in NW Florida (which is often referred to as lower Alabama) Living in a small town does limit my options though. Heck we still have to drive to the next town for Popeyes even.

              1. re: James Cristinian

                We do not HAVE a local fried chicken place. At least not one with edible chicken. It's Popeye's or KFC. There aren't even any sit-down places to get fried chicken unless you count chains like Cracker Barrell.

                1. re: James Cristinian

                  liquid smoke is real smoke, ya know ...

            2. Definitely get the spicy, and it's best to go when they are busy, that way the chicken hasn't been sitting around and you get it fresh out the fryer.
              Red beans are excellent, but then again they start out with lard so it has to be good. The dirty rice does vary by location and the mashed potatoes are good as well, especially the gravy on them.

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              1. re: roro1831

                Oh man, I am in trouble. Do they serve breakfast too? <g> Spicy chicken, red beans and rice it shall be.

                1. re: roro1831

                  Do they really use lard in the red beans? My vegetarian friend thinks they're vegetarian!

                  1. re: bayoucook

                    I have a vegetarian friend who used to order New England Clam Chowder when dining out.....until I had dinner with him one time and I posed the question and alerted him to the fact many places use Salt Pork or Bacon in their recipes......I do not believe he will order it now unless he knows it is not an ingredient in the soup.

                    1. re: bayoucook

                      I'm just going by what a friend told me. Al Copeland, before he sold Popeye's, made sure he cut a deal that they would have to buy all spices and mixes from him and his spice company. My friend managed one of his Copeland's locations, who also served the red beans and bought from the spice company. She said they are so good because they start with lard.

                      1. re: bayoucook

                        According to the Popeye's website, the red beans are made with pork fat. at p. 15.

                        As to the original question posted, Popeye's has the best fast food fried chicken out there. The spicy version is definitely the way to go (I prefer the dark meat). I also like to douse each bite with additional hot sauce. It's along the lines of Frank's or Crystal - pretty mild stuff.

                        As noted, the red beans & rice are a winner; the biscuits are decent (especially when slathered with honey), and the coleslaw isn't half bad. I'd skip the mashed potatoes (they taste like the box) and the fries (but then again, I don't like my fries battered).

                        It's a good thing that there isn't a Popeye's convenient to my home or office. I could eat fried chicken every day.

                        1. re: alanbarnes

                          fourunder, hopefully your vegetarian friend can overlook that small oversight and continue to eat the red beans. If not, more for you.

                          1. re: roro1831


                            I like the way you think....:-)

                            In general, I respect everyone's eating habits, but I really do not give thought to whether someone classifies him/herself, e.g., as a omnivore or as a pescetarian as I was informed above. The friend I referenced does eat fish, sometimes eggs and dairy. There was a time when I would not eat red meat in front of him, but those days have been removed.. At this time I do not recall if he uses butter, but I do know he had had cream cheese on a my mind, I do not see the difference in products derived from animals and as a result.....I will never understand non-meat eating you say....there's more for me....:-)

                            1. re: fourunder

                              The difference is that you can get milk, cheese, butter, etc., from an animal without killing it. I'm a carnivore, but even I can see that difference.
                              I will never be a vegetarian, but I would never denounce their beliefs because they aren't my own.
                              Now PETA, well, don't get me started on those crazies. Sorry, I mean people with another point of view.

                              1. re: Bobfrmia

                                The difference is that you can get milk, cheese, butter, etc., from an animal without killing it. I'm a carnivore, but even I can see that difference.

                                Bob, I do realize what you have highlighted. My buddy is near 60 and he stopped eating meat at the age of 17, for the reason as explained to me....he believes it is healthier. As for the dairy, cheeses, butter, cream cheese and etc.......some will argue it's not very healthy...., but isn't the fish being killed before the pescetarian eats it?....:-)

                                1. re: fourunder

                                  Absolutely, which is why they aren't considered vegetarians. I have found that a lot of vegetarians that I know initially claim health as the main issue to their carnivore friends. As the lifestyle becomes more common, a lot will admit it is the killing of the animals that truly drives them. Please note that I said "A lot" and "that I know".
                                  Personally, I'm opposed to having to explain your lifestyle choices to anyone.
                                  My daughter is a vegetarian. She runs into places all the time that tell her they have vegetarian entrees, only to find they contain fish, or even chicken.
                                  Drives her crazy. Wait, not PETA crazy. Change that to, it irritates her.

                            1. re: bayoucook

                              Yep. But since it says "pork fat" instead of "lard," maybe it hasn't been rendered. In other words, maybe the cracklins are still in there.

                              Mmmmm, cracklins...

                              1. re: bayoucook

                                   /lɑrd/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [lahrd] Show IPA
                                1. the rendered fat of hogs, esp. the internal fat of the abdomen.

                        2. As others have said, their spicy chicken and red beans and rice are very good, and their biscuits, too. My first love affair with Popeye's was in Paris....Paris Texas. As Bogart said in Casa Blanca, "We'll always have Paris". You will enjoy it, I'm sure.

                          1. my go to every time i get to eat popeye's is a 2 piece dark meat with dirty rice for my side. but i love their biscuits...always gotta have 1 extra.