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Mar 24, 2009 02:43 AM

Fun BYOB - West Chester area?

Looking for a fun spot for my sister's 50th birthday celebration - BYOB preferred - anywhere in Chester or Delaware Counties or even Wilmington. Small party of 10. Any ideas?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. High Street Caffe - - Cajun food; not a full BYOB, but you can bring wine for a $5 corkage fee.

      Avalon, BYOB, - has outside seating.

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      1. re: wc2473

        Thanks to everyone for the responses, I have been to most of these places and agree with the High Street Cafe as the best choice. Was just wondering if there was something new I didn't know about. Has anyone ever heard of Mimosas in West Chester. I was there a few years ago, it was pretty good, not exactly "fun" but good food.

        1. re: msswc03

          It's had a few incarnations. It's pretty good, but not as good, in my view as the other ones that have discussed on this board.

      2. I second the vote for High Street ...cant go wrong

        1. When I hear the word "fun" I think High Street Caffe definitely. A little tight w/ tables, fun menu, hopefully you get Kerry - guy - Excellent server(worth requesting-also owns Market street Grill) BYO wine w/ $5 cork fee. Plus they have a full liquor license - best of both worlds.

          Butterfish is good but more for a quite night out

            1. re: keby

              If you want great food... Gilmore's in West Chester. BYO.

              There is also a new Tapas bar, Orellia in Wilmington. Its a fun place though not BYO><

                1. re: CindyJ

                  Orillas Tapas is on market street, three blocks from the Opera House. The chef used to be at Deep Blue, and it opened I believe in January. I have been once, and at at the bar before a performance at the Baby Grand. They have some ceviche, traditional tapas as well as larger dishes, including a paella. Wines emphasize spanish wines with a few californians thrown in. Prices are moderate and the atmosphere is casual. They often have a guitar player playing during dinner.