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Mar 24, 2009 12:44 AM

30th Bday Brunch and Rollerskating?

Well, I will be celebrating my 30th bday in the middle of April and have decided to have a girl's fun day of brunch and old school boardwalk I need help with ideas! Any recommendations of places in Santa Monica or Venice near the beach where a group of about 8 30-somethings can go in shorts and knee socks for a yummy brunch and mimosas? Thanks!

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  1. 26 Beach Restaurant Yummy french toasts and plenty of Mimosas, Belini's and Hibiscus. Have a great B-Day!

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    1. re: Burger Boy

      You love that place, B-Boy!! Somehow, I'm picturing the OP & friends wanting to "skate" there, as in stay on the boardwalk, or in the area, not several blocks in toward Lincoln Blvd!!

      I think you can go to any of the hotels on the beach in your shorts, etc., I'm assuming you mean it's on a Sunday, hence the word brunch?

      If not, you can always meander up to Ocean Blvd in SM and try Chez Jay, or even Jinky's Cafe on 2nd, but I can't attest to it being a "fabulous" brunch, probably just okay.

      Problem is, although the restaurants along the beach corridor have fab real estate, most of them are average at best.

      1. re: Phurstluv

        We are indeed looking to stay around the boardwalk...which will probably cause us to sacrifice a little in the food quality dept, but I was hoping maybe there was some gem along the coastline :- We are doing it on a Sunday, for what that is worth.

    2. I'd see if you can get the communal table at 3 Square on Abbott Kinney. It's much closer to the beach than 26 Beach.

      1. OK...also got recs for Anissette and do you think these compare to the Chow suggestions? Thanks!

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          I love Anissette, though I've only been there dinner. Shutters; while I've never been to it, I've heard great things from many friends who have gone.

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            Anisette has a very good brunch and it's casual enough to wear shorts. Very close to the santa monica promenade. There are a lot of reviews of brunch at Anisette on this board, just do a search.

          2. re: OCElizabeth

            I've had brunch at Anisette and really enjoyed the croque monsieur. (the desserts are expensive tho). Full report & photos:

            Anisette is casual and livelier than Shutters, although you can probably stake into Shutters also. Depends which atmosphere you want? For a group of 8 at Anisette, you might want to make reservation though (but I haven't been recently so they may be less busy now)

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              You definitely need to make a reservation, even for a smaller party, on the weekend. But I wouldn't go anywhere with a group of 8 without a reservation.

          3. As long as you are doing your brunch on OTHER than a Monday or Tuesday then James Beach would fit your needs: (and it is right at the southern edge of the "shops and traveling circus" end of the boardwalk).

            James Beach
            60 N Venice Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

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              Completely agree with this recommendation! I did a bday brunch here once (28th? maybe) and it was a total hit! Reserve a table on James' Beach outside patio, then you can rollerskate from the Venice or Santa Monica piers.

              Shutters has a more formal vibe and is quite expensive. I love Anisette, but service even for 2 or 3 people is really slow/sloppy on weekend mornings; I don't think it is good for a large group. 3 square is good for what it is; Would be great IF you can reserve the table, especially if you want to shop Abbot Kinney after the brunch; but you can't really rollerskate there. 26 Beach has good food, but the crowd is quite fussy/older - so it's not festive; and of course you couldn't roller-skate there either.

              Just to throw a few more into the mix...I Cugini in Santa Monica has a live jazz brunch on Sundays. And Whist, at the Viceroy just started its brunch again too.