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Mar 24, 2009 12:44 AM

30th Bday Brunch and Rollerskating?

Well, I will be celebrating my 30th bday in the middle of April and have decided to have a girl's fun day of brunch and old school boardwalk rollerskating...now I need help with ideas! Any recommendations of places in Santa Monica or Venice near the beach where a group of about 8 30-somethings can go in shorts and knee socks for a yummy brunch and mimosas? Thanks!

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  1. 26 Beach Restaurant Yummy french toasts and plenty of Mimosas, Belini's and Hibiscus. Have a great B-Day!

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      You love that place, B-Boy!! Somehow, I'm picturing the OP & friends wanting to "skate" there, as in stay on the boardwalk, or in the area, not several blocks in toward Lincoln Blvd!!

      I think you can go to any of the hotels on the beach in your shorts, etc., I'm assuming you mean it's on a Sunday, hence the word brunch?

      If not, you can always meander up to Ocean Blvd in SM and try Chez Jay, or even Jinky's Cafe on 2nd, but I can't attest to it being a "fabulous" brunch, probably just okay.

      Problem is, although the restaurants along the beach corridor have fab real estate, most of them are average at best.

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        We are indeed looking to stay around the boardwalk...which will probably cause us to sacrifice a little in the food quality dept, but I was hoping maybe there was some gem along the coastline :- We are doing it on a Sunday, for what that is worth.

    2. I'd see if you can get the communal table at 3 Square on Abbott Kinney. It's much closer to the beach than 26 Beach.

      1. OK...also got recs for Anissette and Shutters...how do you think these compare to the Chow suggestions? Thanks!

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          I love Anissette, though I've only been there dinner. Shutters; while I've never been to it, I've heard great things from many friends who have gone.

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            Anisette has a very good brunch and it's casual enough to wear shorts. Very close to the santa monica promenade. There are a lot of reviews of brunch at Anisette on this board, just do a search.

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            I've had brunch at Anisette and really enjoyed the croque monsieur. (the desserts are expensive tho). Full report & photos: http://tinyurl.com/dkfsoz

            Anisette is casual and livelier than Shutters, although you can probably stake into Shutters also. Depends which atmosphere you want? For a group of 8 at Anisette, you might want to make reservation though (but I haven't been recently so they may be less busy now)

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              You definitely need to make a reservation, even for a smaller party, on the weekend. But I wouldn't go anywhere with a group of 8 without a reservation.

          3. As long as you are doing your brunch on OTHER than a Monday or Tuesday then James Beach would fit your needs: http://www.jamesbeach.com/ (and it is right at the southern edge of the "shops and traveling circus" end of the boardwalk).

            James Beach
            60 N Venice Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

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              Completely agree with this recommendation! I did a bday brunch here once (28th? maybe) and it was a total hit! Reserve a table on James' Beach outside patio, then you can rollerskate from the Venice or Santa Monica piers.

              Shutters has a more formal vibe and is quite expensive. I love Anisette, but service even for 2 or 3 people is really slow/sloppy on weekend mornings; I don't think it is good for a large group. 3 square is good for what it is; Would be great IF you can reserve the table, especially if you want to shop Abbot Kinney after the brunch; but you can't really rollerskate there. 26 Beach has good food, but the crowd is quite fussy/older - so it's not festive; and of course you couldn't roller-skate there either.

              Just to throw a few more into the mix...I Cugini in Santa Monica has a live jazz brunch on Sundays. And Whist, at the Viceroy just started its brunch again too.