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Mar 23, 2009 11:33 PM

Roast beef dinner in Calgary

It's my mother's birthday this weekend and my sister and I would like to take the family (of four) out for roast beef on Friday night. Google hasn't turned up much for us other than a plethora of steak houses, though Graze in the Royal Inn came up. Price is no object, but I'd like a place where my parents will still feel comfortable. I guess not quite River Cafe, but a step up from a chain like Earl's. Recommendations would much appreciated.

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    1. re: cancowboy

      The Tribune does table side roasts, and their prices have been lowered. 96 dollars for the beef tenderloin roast served with sides is actually pretty good considering the pedigree. I bet with some apps and dessert you could walk out happy with a price point the same as what you'd pay at earls (15 dollar app, 25 dollar main (split), 8 dollar dessert). Plus they are set up for table side service of roasted things.

      Smugglers, I'd point out, is not so reliable, has a menu for seniors, and is staffed with the walking dead.

    2. You could try La Villa up in Westhills. The atmosphere is nice without being over the top, plus if the weather is good, one of their dining rooms is mostly windows and can be quite pretty. Their prime rib is excellent, I think the owner used to work at Buchanan's.

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      1. re: sweeterpea

        Not to be a pedant, but if OP wants to google it it's "Le Villa."

      2. Smuggler's is the place. Been around for eons and has excellent prime rib.

        1. Well price is always an object for me so it colours my opinion of places. I haven't been for a year or so but Carver's in the Sheraton NE is my favourite for beef, they have a great prime rib served on a sizzling plate. Much better IMO than Smuggler's unless you like all you can eat salad bar (which is really good) so maybe a better deal.

          1. Just want to say thanks for all the suggestions. We went to Le Villa and had really great prime rib (my sister had really great lamb).

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            1. re: mary1023

              Glad you had a great meal. Sorry for the previous spelling error. We always enjoy Le Villa.