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Mar 23, 2009 11:10 PM

Central Coast Lunch or Dinner Recommendation?

We're heading to Zaca Mesa Winery this Friday for a media event and will be looking for a lunch or dinner reservation in the Los Olivos area, Any recommendations? We're open to any cuisine and price.


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  1. Side Street Cafe, Los Oliovs

    1. You should get more responses to your question on the California Board, where a search for "Los Olivos" brings up nearly 200 hits in the last year alone. If you don't find what you want in Los Olivos itself, swing down to Buellton to Hitching Post II (one of the places in the wine-roadtrip movie, Sideways) for excellent California roadhouse fare.

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        Thank you. I'll post on the California Board. Have been to Hitching Post . Always an excellent suggestion.