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Cream Cheese Pizza?? MSP

I went to Valentino's in Rochester this weekend. We were visiting my parents, and although Valentino's other food is pretty bad, I love their cream cheese pizza. Does anyone know of anyplace in the Cities that has cream cheese as a pizza topping?

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  1. i know what cream cheese is, and i know what pizza is, but i cannot ever remeber seeing an item described as the mingling of the two. could you explain what this thing is all about?

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        The closest I can think of is pizza that has sour cream and potatoes on it with some herbs-
        cream cheese isn't too far from sour cream. But that said, I haven't seen cream cheese offered as a topping on any pizza here. Maybe Common Roots Cafe would consider it...

        1. re: faith

          I've had goat cheese on pizza ... you can get it at Luce. It's not covered with it, just dotted with lumps of the cheese that stay more-or-less in place when the pizza is heated. I don't know if this is a downmarket version of that.

      2. To my mind cream cheese pizza is an abomination. Many people here in Lincoln NE love it. I've only had it once, more than enough, from Piezano's. To each their own.

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          I love it-it's the one thing I crave from Rochester. Well, Roscoe's root beer stand in the summer is kind of fun...
          Basically, it's just a pizza topping over the red sauce.I It's not like goat cheese blobs, it's more painted on-a full layer. I always get it as it's own topping-I don't put pepperoni or anything else with it. My sister and I love it , My husband isn't so thrilled. He thinks it's too rich.

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            so basically it's just red sauce and a layer of cream cheese? i went to valentino's once, but didn't seem to see it on their menu? or is it just one of those choose your own topping pizza?

        2. Yeah, it's just one of the toppings. Both my husband and I grew up there, so we'll hang out with my college brother there when he's home from college (he works there...)My sister Lindsey was the one that pointed it out as a topping...she gets it with meatballs too (another topping) It still has cheese on top though-over the cream cheese.

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            Just to clarify. Is the cream cheese in addition to the normal cheese one would find on a pizza, or instead of? If in addition to the other cheese, does the cream cheese live under or over the other cheese?

            I'm quite intrigued by this as well.

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              The cream cheese is layered between the sauce and the regular "pizza cheese". SO you have crust, sauce, cream cheese, mozzerella, and then whatever other toppings you order...

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                I'm so intrigued by this, jenniegirl, but I still can't imagine it. You mention the cream cheese is almost "painted" on. Have you seen them make it? I can't imagine it's possible to spread the cream cheese over the sauce. How do they achieve a layer of it?

                Maybe Valentino's needs to open a branch in the Twin Cities!


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                  if we go to valentinos again (i live in roch), i'd have to try this and take a pic!

                  i'd have thought the cream cheese would be more of a dessert pizza, but i guess not.

          2. This has been haunting me for the past couple days, so I tried it at home: french bread, layer of Alouette, pizza sauce, mozz, pepperoni. Yum! I would love to try it at a pizza place, though!

            1. I'm also intrigued! Let us know if you find it. There is an awesome pizza place in Dinkytown that has mad & cheese pizza - delish!

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                  OK-so I went to Valentino's again, and I lied the last time. It is cream cheese blobs. Just lots and lots of them. Basically, they put on the sauce, add tons of little chunks of cream cheese, and then put on the cheese. I can't seem to find it anywhere else, so I had to make it in my own kitchen last night. Pretty good!

                  1. re: jenniegirl

                    Well, I've called the most "creative" pizza places in town that I could think of, Pizza Nea, Pizza Luce, and Mesa and none of them have cream cheese so, they couldn't make one for you if they wanted to. Actually, Luce said they had cream cheese, but it's flavored for carrot cake.

                    I checked the menus of a couple other pizza places (Black Sheep, Psycho Suzi's...) and really couldn't find anything that looked promising. :( Sorry!

                    Here's a place in St. Cloud that will do it, though http://www.houseofpizzamn.com/Menu/ho...