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Mar 23, 2009 09:16 PM

Blue crab and crawfish in Orlando

I'd like to find these items in Orlando during the first two weeks of April.
First, the blue crab.
Seems like many places will offer king crab, snow crab, and dungeness, but few advertise blue crab. Is this due to seasonality, and so not a permanent menu listing?
Would The Crab House or Fultun's Crab House have blue crab at this time?
High Tide Harry's lists crab, but again, is it in season for April?
Other places have blue crab?

Again High Tide Harry seems to have them. So does the Celt Irish pub on Louisianna crawfish boil Tuesday nights.
Any comments, recommendations, etc.

Thanks alot!

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  1. Blue crabs lack big claws and very few foks know how to clean and eat a blue crab. Most folks would find it too much work for too little meat, so I don't think there's much of a demand.

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    1. re: bkhuna

      :-) Absolutely right, bkhuna! We wouldn't even bother trying to "eat" one of those Blue crabs;
      we've always wondered why anyone would! Different strokes, different folks... :-)

      1. re: rainroosty

        When you learn to clean them properly, there are some big ol' chunks (jumbo lump) in the body. It's some of the sweetest, best tasting crab there is. One of the benefits of learning to eat blue crabs is that you can buy them live, instead of resorting to buying frozen ones.

        My favorite crab happens to be dungeness, but you can't get them live down here and the effects of freezing them are awful.

        1. re: bkhuna

          I think blues are one of the tastiest crabs around. Everyone goes gaga over king crab. Me? I think extracting the sweet meat out of a blue is half the fun.
          I can get live dungeness anytime, but blues are harder to get. Probably a good case of greener on the other side!

          1. re: bkhuna

            Tha Asian Supermarket on West Colonial has live Dunginess crabs and live blue crabs and live fish and humongous stuffing size oysters and.....
            I love this place!!!!

      2. They are more prevalent in Maryland, the Carolina's and Louisiana. Folks down here want the easier to eat claws and the Blue crabs best meat requires picking the lump meat from the body after cracking open and removing the gross stuff.

        You can get Blue Crabs from a few places around town, fish markets are your best bet. Lombardi's in Winter Park gets them in and there is a place up in Sanford, it's right off of 17/92.

        I'm a former MD'er, so blue crab is the only way to go as my family is concerned. I'll eat King and Dungeness, but Blue holds the top spot for us. If you want to save some effort and still get the best jumbo lump crab, order crab cakes from G &M's. I've ordered for years and have never had a problem.

        1. High Tide Harrys usually has blue crabs all the time. The soft shell variety are shipped frozen anyway, so you can enjoy them if the MD style blue crab platter is unavailable.
          Another place with great crabs (the best in Central Florida, IMO), although its kind of a dive, is Hnina's Crab Place in Sanford.

          1. do you want them live to cook or are you just looking for restaurants to eat them?

            1. Thanks for the recs guys,
              I actually started a much-needed job the day before we were to depart. We had to put Orlando on hold (in sheepish voice).