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Mar 23, 2009 08:54 PM

Looking for 2 bars in Orlando

My boyfriend and I frequented 2 bars in Orlando in 1990 near the Orlando Int'l Airport. They were called Jim's Place and The Showboat (or called The Riverboat). They were next door to each other and were always packed. I don't remember the street they were on. I've been searching and can't find anything on them. Does anyone know if they are still around?

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  1. I live by the airport and have never heard of them since I moved here in 2003. So my guess is they aren't around.

    I'd hit downtown, there's plenty of places to pick from.

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    1. re: Corporate_40

      They are or were on sand lake road. I don't think they are around anymore. That area got upgraded by the airport expansion over the years. I remember those places being kinda seedy or at least the showboat was. I came her in 88 and had a job by the airport.

      1. re: mountdorahound

        Thanks for the info, I didn't think anyone would remember them. Yep, they were on Sand Lake Road. The Showboat was seedy, but had cheap drinks. Jim's Place next door was cleaner and most of the customers stayed outside.

        1. re: Glendalough

          If you are downtown-ish and looking for a replacement, Stardust (by Lake Eola) is a great little bar with a very cheap happy hour every day. HH is till 8 (and again from midnight to 2 AM, I think) and wells are $2.50, calls $3.50. Their calls are pretty high end too--Tanqueray counts as a call and so does Stoli. Pool is free. It's non-smoking too (though that isn't a plus for everyone).