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Mar 23, 2009 08:25 PM

Lamazou-merci Dieu

Whenever I'm in Montreal I go everyday to a little boucherie/charcuterie called Marche de la Villette where I start my day with some saucission d'ail or pate de truffe or rosette de lyon on a baguette with dijon and cornichons and I sigh "why Dieu can't we have a little place like this in NYC?" After reading the NY Times article about Lamazou's sandwiches last week, I dared to hope. Sure enough, a cheese selection to rival anyplace andbaguettes from Balthazar. I ordered two half sandwiches-smoked duck breast sliced with some brie and the obligatory cornichons and dijon on a fresh baguette and the duck liver mousse with just the mustard and the cornichons. Ooh la la. C'est magnifique. Next time I try the wild boar and venison pates. Other nationalities (Spanish and Italian) are also well represented as I also took home a rosemary rind encrusted manchego and two ciabatta rolls..

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  1. Lamazou is great. After reading the article in the Times, i've been meaning to get back there and try the duck and brie sandwich.

    1. I love Lamazou. My fiance introduced me to that place a few years ago when he worked in the neighborhood. I credit them for making the best crafted sandwich I've ever had - it was just tomato and mozzarella on ciabatta, but they constructed it in such a way where the bread and fillings were completely in synch and there was none of the usual shifting around that I often experience with sandwiches.

      1. I've only been to Lamazou once, recently, on a tip, and was very impressed:

        And as pellegrino31 noted, the fillings were completely in synch -- even the all-important cornichons.

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          Dave-I'm a big fan of Eating in Translation.

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            I am a big fan of your blog as well! :D

          2. Their Lamazou Caprice is one of my all-time favorite sandwiches.
            They def know how to put together a sandwich so it doesn't shift and slide all over the bread (I hate that!)

            1. My entire office is obssessed with Lamazou and has been for the last two years. Damn the NYT for spilling the beans!