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Mar 23, 2009 08:12 PM

Doner Kebab in AZ?

Seth's review of Byblos just got me thinking: is there any restaurant in the Phoenix area that serves authentic Doner Kebab? I don't mean fancy-shmancy grilled meats of reasonable quality....I mean the greasy, gristly goodness that is doner kebab. I have fond memories of downing a doner or two after a long night at the pub while living in London, and haven't had any good doner in years.

Anyone seen it on a menu here?

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  1. Med Fresh Grill -- Downtown Tempe
    Efes Turkish Restaurant -- southern Tempe

    Haven't been to Med Fresh for a while; recent reviews mixed. Went to Efes two months ago and was pleased.

    Med Fresh
    414 S Mill Ave, Tempe, AZ 85281

    Efes Turkish Cuisine
    1701 E Guadalupe Rd, Tempe, AZ 85283

    1. I LOVE doner kabobs- I would kill for one right now!

      1. Med Fresh -- good food, spotty confused service, which is a drag for a counter-service place -- but the food is worth it.

        1. Oh Gosh!!! Arriving late to this party. I tend to gorge on the craving of the moment when I return to the UK.... sometimes it is Indian curry, sometimes chips and curry sauce, this time around it was doner kebabs.
          I agree with the original poster... not the cardboard tastes of pita jungle.... I want the lamb to be dripping grease all the way to my elbow when I eat this and the chilli sauce to sting my eyes. Are these places still open?

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            I'm not familiar, but, the thought of greasy lamb has me salivating. I prepared some locally raised lamb shanks for the holidays, last year, and they turned out great. It was just a simple rosemary dominant herb prep in a slow cooker with red wine - really easy. The marrow was incredible.

            I believe I used the following recipe as a template:

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              Med Fresh is still open. Efes closed several years ago.