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Mar 23, 2009 08:11 PM

Nice Date in Claredon

I have a second date with a guy and we're planning to check out a wine bar and have dinner at a restaurant in Claredon. I rarely head out to NOVA (yeah, I'm a District snob). Can someone suggest a nice date place to first grab drinks at (lounge, wine bar, nice/swanky bar)? I definitely don't want one of those bars where ex-frat boys are reliving their college days (I often categorize the Arlington bar scene to be like that). After we grab a drink we want to get dinner. i would like a nice place but one that won't someone remortgage their house. Ideally New American, Seafood, Pan-Asian, Mediterrean-type food but somewhat open. We will be going out on a Friday night.


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  1. Harry's Tap Room seems to fit the bill, along with Tallulah. I don't know what Harry's is like around happy hour, so I'm not sure if it goes to frat-town at that point.

    What is the plan for dinner and wine?

    1. Upstairs at Liberty Tavern would fit the bill. It has a far different atmosphere than the bar downstairs and is a little higher on the dining scale than Harry's. Also, Restaurant Three, a block above Harry's, is quiet in the rooms that are not part of the bar. The food is Southern upscale.

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        I second Liberty Tavern, it's my favorite restaurant/bar in the area (excluding Ray's the Steaks, which is my all-time favorite restaurant ever, but no bar scene). It seems like the bar downstairs can get a little crowded, but I just go directly to dinner. I love their selection of half-bottles, great way to try a variety of wine in one evening. And I highly recommend their roast chicken with lemon jus with mashed potatoes and brocolini, it's addictive.

        I also like Eatbar, which is next to Tallulah's, maybe start there and migrate to Tallulah's? Except I've always had such a good time at Eatbar I've never made it to Tallulah's. Love their charcuterie plate and their sliders. I don't know how I'd classify the bar-scene, guess I'm not too picky about that?, so I'm not that much help there.

      2. You could grab drinks at Eat Bar and then go next door to Tallulah for a nice dinner.

        Alternatively, you could have a drink downstairs at Libery Tavern and then go upstairs for dinner.

        Personally, I prefer Tallulah and Liberty Tavern to Harry's Tap Room.

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          I second the recommendation for Eat Bar and Tallulah. It's my favorite wine bar in the area, has a nice atmosphere, and serves delicious small plates at the bar if you want a cheaper option to dining next door.

          I personally think Liberty Tavern's bar is a bit too loud for a date... I always feel that I have to yell at the people I'm with when I'm there.

        2. There's a tapas joint nearby if that fits the Mediterranean bill...La Tasca?

          1. I love Eatbar, but it is a little bit of a walk you might do that if you went to Tallulah. Upstairs Liberty Tavern is quieter I think they have good food at good value. The Vermont pizza is great they have good salads the steak is good.

            Sette bello is also good I like the salmon penne with vodka sauce. The chicken asparagus pasta and the veal shank with risotto. Their lounge is nice but can get loud. The lounge at Harry's Tap Room is large they have a reasonable wine list not too loud, but the ambiance isn't awesome IMO.

            You might also consider eleventh street lounge or perhaps getting drinks at Eventide.