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Mar 23, 2009 07:47 PM

Savannah Honeymoon Dinner

My soon to be husband and I will be coming to Savannah for our honeymoon and are looking to have a romantic and memorable dinner our first night there. I've done some internet research and think I've narrowed it to 700 Drayton, Elizabeth's on 37 or Sapphire Grill. But I'd love a local's recommendation on which of these is best or if I've missed a better place completely? It will be a weekday night but we'd still like to dress for dinner and have it be truly special, both in cuisine and atmosphere. What do you think? Thanks!!

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  1. I just came back from a few days there. Sapphire Grill does look very good, though we didn't eat there. I can recommend Bull Street Chop House - everyone was very dressy! Also the Olde Pink House is historic and very pretty. Although it's a chain, the Charthouse on River Street is lovely with a view of the river.

    1. I've been to Elizabeth's since Elizabeth Terry sold it and wasn't as impressed. We had lunch today at Cha Bella and really enjoyed it. Solid emphasis on local and organic.

      1. I also recommend the Olde Pink House. We had fabulous food there, and the setting is very special. Classy but not stuffy.

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          I think the olde pink house is very romantic and the food is yummy too.
          Elizabeth's does have a tasting menu of 7 for 70.00 that might be nice.
          700 Drayton does a lovely brunch but I havent had dinner....I want to do the cooking school there someday.

        2. Just spent two and a half years in Savannah. My strong recommendations of the places you mentioned is 700 Drayton. Cha Bella is a good place but wouldn't recommend it for a honeymoon dinner. 700 Drayton is nice and there is an excellent bar upstairs for a drink or desssert with good jazz on weekends.

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            Elizabeth on 37th Street and Noble Fare are my current fine dining faves here in Savannah. Probably a tip of the hat to Elizabeth, which is located in a beautiful and fine old mansion and has a kitchen and wait staff that are extremely knowledgeable. Greg and Gary Butch really know their wines, if that's important to you. The tasting menu at Elizabeth is a culinary tour de force and hopelessly extravagant, just the sort of thing you'd be looking for on such an occasion. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay; we have the most lovely city in America and enjoy sharing it with visitors.