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Mar 23, 2009 07:05 PM

Brooklyn Museum area Restaurants


Planning an awesome evening for a friend coming in from out of town in Brooklyn. We're going to first Saturday and I want to take him out for a great meal - nothing fancy just really good food near the museum - could be ethnic - doesn't have to be. Anyone have any good ideas?



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  1. My favorite is the Islands - but it's truly a hole in the wall! I take out (jerk, goat, lemonade) and eat on the plaza in front of the museum - but there is a small dining room above (watch out for that ceiling! really!) where I've heard the service is friendly but slow...

    Another possibility - and it's spacious and lovely - is the place run by Haitian sisters on Flatbush Ave - I think it's Kreyol? Delicious and hospitable. (A long walk, but a short car-ride. I think there are also bus/subway possibilities.)

      1. Steps away from the museum on Underhill & Lincoln Pl. is Cheryl's Global Soul. I've only been once but found it realy cozy with nice sized portions. I had a grilled pork chop that was perfection. Nice thing is that you can have a pre- or post dinner cocktail at Sepia which is right next door. Sepia also has food but I've never had any of it. Moving east a little there's Washington Ave and several places. Gen on Washington/St. Marks has fantastic sushi. The spicy citrus salmon sashimi app is like crack. I was immediately hooked. They also have a sake sangria that's really tasty. Across the street is a Thai place I'm drawing a blank on the name. Friends go there all the time and love it. Next avenue over on Classon there's Chevalla's. It's on Classon & Prospect. They do Mexican right there. Good sized portion and no skipping on the flavor at all. The place is tiny. I've loved everything there from the arroz con pollo to the enchiladas and soft tacos. Finally, there's Abigail's on Classon/St. John's. The food is tasty but the service is slooooow. I mean really slow. I love their peppadew stuffed with cheese app. Short ribs and kobe beef burger are good too. Enjoy First Night. They're always fun.