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Mar 23, 2009 06:37 PM

Vegan Options near T

Heading to a Bruins game and need some suggestions for great Vegan options. Since we will be taking the T into Boston I am looking for a location close to a T stop to make getting around easier. Thanks!

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  1. Grezzo in the North End is Vegan and very close to the Garden. However, I don't think it's cheap and it gets mixed reviews.

    I'm sure the Fours has SOMETHING vegan on their menu. Call ahead to find out. Good luck.

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    1. re: SaraASR

      Remember that Grezzo is not only vegan, but also all food is RAW.

    2. the area around the garden isn't exactly a dining mecca, so it depends how much time you will have before the game.

      the north end is nearby and finding vegan options at most places won't be a problem after a short conversation with your server. chinatown is only a few stops away on the orange line and same applies.

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        Though, aside from Buddha's Delight, one should never assume Chinese food is vegan. A dish might not have obvious flesh in it, but pork or fish broth is commonly used, as are condiments derived from fish or seafood, et cet. The concept of "vegan" in the strict sense can be a hassle in chinese restaurants unless one orders very carefully.

        Boston has a dearth of vegan dining due to the late real estate boom - vegan restaurants lacked the volume to make the margins required for profitability after such increased overhead.

      2. veg naturals is right across from oak grove station - fully vegan as far as I know.

        I don't know where you are coming from but you can park in that neighborhood and take the orange line into town.

        1. You might consider Wagamama noodle house at Faneuil Hall. It's a chain (and it is Faneuil) but they have a selection of vegan dishes all nicely labeled. It is in walking distance to the game.

          1. I recently went back to DJ's at the Garden (we went this past Saturday late afternoon - we walked there after an ICA visit). There's not much in the way of vegan, except maybe the hummus plate and salad. The portions, though, are substantial and the food actually shows that someone in the kitchen gives a damn about putting out decent food (I think both a salad and hummus plate+beer would fill me up before a game).

            Regarding our recent visit, I had the fish tacos (pretty good for a Garden-area pub) and B had the salmon BLT, which he devoured. But as I stated, vegan might be tough. :(

            Another similar place is Porter's, right outside the Garden. Better-than-average pub grub and friendly staff. Maybe they could accomodate?