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Mar 23, 2009 06:37 PM

Breakfast in Grove,Gables or South Miami

So I think that I've tried most of the weekend breakfast options in the above mentioned area what I want to know is am I missing some great spot. I'm looking for a place that will keep the coffee mug filled and a good scrambled egg dish. Lots of places fit that bill but most seem to have serious flaws. Burger Bob's is pretty small and the service can be slow. Gables Diner is too expensive. I'm not looking for a fancy brunch at the Biltmore, just a good place to spend a weekend morning.

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  1. Grazianos (not the restaurant) just across from the Gables DIner. Not exactly the personal service you are seeking but really good food and great pastries.

    1. Gables Diner's prices went crazy about 6 months ago. They printed a fat new shiny menu and think they're Cheesecake Factory now.

      Have you ever tried breakfast at Chocolate Fashion on Andalusia? Bagel Emporium? Deli Lane? (note - I've not been to Deli Lane in close to a decade, so this is not a recommendation, just a question).

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        "Gables Diner's prices went crazy about 6 months ago."

        Frod, come on now... That place has had ABSURDLY HIGH prices since I first moved here in 2001. I remember November 2001, I walked by and saw "diner" and figured I could get eggs, bacon, toast, homefries, and some tea for about $5-$8. Couldnt have been further from the truth.

        Check out Coral Bagels in the Grove. Aesthetically unappealing but the food is good diner-like food and the menu is pretty extensive. Price is what you would expect too. Just off US-1 next to a Crook & Crook boating store.

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              I love Coral Bagels in the Grove but like the above poster stated it is not aesthetically appealing.
              Delicias de Espana has a good breakfast on 57 avenue and Bird Rd. They're scrambled eggs with serrano are great.

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              Thanks for the suggestions. I haven't tried Chocolate Fashion so that goes on the list. Bagel Emporium is in the regular rotation and its good, but I'm not the biggest fan, though I can't put my finger on why. I haven't been to Deli Lane for breakfast in years either, maybe I'll give that another shot.

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                Walter's Coffee Shop has an atmosphere beyond belief but only Monday-Saturday. Old school all the way -- not for tourists!

                17009 S Dixie Hwy
                Palmetto Bay, FL

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                  Deli Lane is a great place if you want to sit outside and read the NY times, the problem is that the service is spotty, the food nothing to write home about and the coffee is simply aweful. Last time I met friends there, I stopped at the Starbucks down the street got a Latte and then orderd some pancakes and it was a good breakfast!

                  Town is open for breakfast and although the eggs were good the potatoes, were really strange deep fried paprika crusted. They also have a HUGE SCREEN TV showing cartoons, which was a bit strange

                  My husband and I love breakfast, and we would love to find a new place. I would be excited to hear about a new breakfast place

            3. If it's a "good scrambled egg dish" that you're looking for, have you hit Delicias de EspaƱa yet, on 57th and Bird (next to Allen's)?

              The scrambled eggs with either serrano ham or Spanish chorizo, served with fresh-sliced potato crisps really hits the spot, if you don't want to venture off and try some of the more Spaniard dishes on the menu.

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                I recently went to Delicias de Espana for breakfast and it was really delicious! The sliced fried potatoes were so good, perfectly crisp and taste like they were fried in olive oil. They actually tasted light, unlike most of the home fries I have tasted. I ordered 2 eggs over medium with serrano ham. If you ask for scrambled, they will scramble the serrano ham with the eggs. I believe each dish comes with cafe con leche.

                A couple of other breakfast joints I've checked out recently have been George's in the Grove and Coral Bagels. George's is a French place. I really like their quiche, which both times I have gone in the past month has been ham and cheese. Its a mini personal quiche, served with mixed greens on the side. I've also had their eggs benedict. I find their hollandaise sauce to be superior to most others. It tastes very fresh and extra lemony. The breakfast prices at George's are a little bit high, which I justify with the fact that they give you a complimentary mimosa or glass of champagne upon being seated.

                On the opposite end of the price spectrum is Coral Bagels, on US-1 and 27th Ave. I had an omelet. Each dish comes with choice of bagel. Someone in my party had the huevos rancheros which were really tasty also. This place gets really packed on the weekends.

              2. Roasters and Toasters just south of there in Kendall is an excellent breakfast option. Jaguar in Coconut Grove will hook you up with a serious set of Juevos Rancheros (weekends only).

                1. try Sergios on coral way by d gables, excellent egg dishes great prices and the best "platano maduro' omellete in miami....!!!!!!
                  ..and some cafe con leche of course.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                    I love Lario's in South Miami. Great cuban breakfast with really good coffee. Service is good too. I will not go to Deli Lane due to their awful coffee.