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Mar 23, 2009 06:04 PM

wine to buy

Hi again,
I'm visiting in April and would like to buy some little-known NY state wines. I like whites like Riesling/Gewurtz, and also can be persuaded in to liking reds like gamays, merlots, and the occasional shiraz (provided it's fruity as well as spicy). My fiance loves reds, the bigger, the better.
Any recs on what is our best bang for our buck, and where to buy it? we'll be in Manhattan for a day and Fox Hollow, long Island, for a wedding.
Thanks in advance!

LL - who will happily recommend Ontario wines

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  1. Macari Vineyards makes some excellent wines from the North Fork of Long Island.
    Their signature Bergen Road is for your husband, it s a big, fruity, but polished red. You should try their rosé and riesling. I like their cab franc.
    They make weekly deliveries to NYC wine shops. You might want to give them a call to find a distributor in the area you'll be visiting.
    Vintage New York has it for sure.

    1. Here's a link to Vintage New York - you can try before you buy.

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        FYI -- Vintage New York has closed. Definitely the UWS location and I believe the SoHo location as well (according to their mailer that went out several months ago). It's a real loss since a lot of wine stores do not carry many of the small vintners of NY State.

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          Sad! Thanks for correcting me. The site I linked to above gives no indication, but then there's...

      2. If you like Riesling/Gewurtz you should try any of Channing Daughters' wines. It's made in the Hamptons on Long Island. I believe they have a large variety of Channing Daughters at Union Square Wines.

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        1. you're getting to be a regular on this board! =)

          i don't know much about specific, recent vintages, but two of the bigger names are wolffer and lenz. i've seen wolffer chardonnays go for around $10 a bottle, retail.

          in general, i think long island reds tend to be more minerally than fruity. some do get pretty tannic. i find them expensive for what they are.

          if you're interested in sweeter wines like reislings and gewurz, the finger lakes region of ny is supposed to produce some decent ones. my guess is that they might be similar in style to what you'd find in ontario, though, given the proximity.

          astor wines, a huge and usually well priced wine store just southeast of union square, has a number of new york wines. some of the employees on the floor are pretty knowledgeable and might be able to tell you more.

          wish i had more specific info to offer. you might want to cross post to the wine board, where there are 'hounds who know far more than i do on this subject!

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            i try to fit in :)
            thanks for the recs - talking with store staffers is a good idea. thanks!