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Mar 23, 2009 05:43 PM

lunch near Sauve or Henri-Bourassa metros

Work is going to take me to this hood a few times during the next months; but I know little about where to eat. Any suggestions for some casual but interesting lunch, so that I can convert business into an eating opportunity. Merci!

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  1. I also worked in that area.

    Here are a few suggestions (I haven't ttried them all so I can't vouch for everything):

    - On the Promenade Fleury there is L'Estaminet and Le Petit flore
    - Le St-Urbain, newly opened on the corner of Fleury & St-Urbain
    - If you're willing to travel a bit, the best food is just south of Méropolitain: there's Bouchon de Liège on St-Dominique and Tapeo on Villeray.

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    1. re: Whygee

      Is Petit Flore a good place to have a late morning coffee and read the paper and pass some time, or is it more restauranty where you are expected to order food even though it is not their peak hours? Thanks.

      1. re: emerilcantcook

        Rue Fleury has a number of restos in a relatively short strip; I tried many a couple years ago when I lived in the area, and they were mostly forgettable . L'Estaminet was the standout - relaxed place with nice breakfasts and lunches, nothing fancy, but well done. Service can be a bit slow.

        1. re: emerilcantcook

          Answering my own question here. Tried Petit Flore for a weekday late breakfast meeting. We didn't eat a lot, but whatever we had (very good au lait, hot chocolate, some toasted nut bread and generous fixins) were pretty good. The space is lovely and peeps are nice. The place was almost deserted until noon, when the lunch crowd arrived. We weren't rushed at all, even though we ordered little; we decided to leave on our own to leave room for the lunch crowd. Judging from how their food looked like, I'll be looking forward to my next lunch meeting.

      2. L'Auberge du Dragon Rouge on Lajeunesse between Crémazie & Sauvé have some mighty mighty fine burgers. (and other nice stuff too)

        1. 7-minute ride west on the 121 and you're at abu elias for superb lebanese sandwiches

            1. re: MartinSLR

              Thanks but I was looking for some specific recommendations. So you recommend them all?

            2. La Sirene, corner Sauve and L'Acadie, is good for Lebanese and fresh seafood (you can choose whatever you want from the attached fish mart and have them cook it for you).

              Mikasa across the street (same corner) is also decent for japanese. They have really good specialty salads.

              For something more casual, how about popping into Adonis' prepared food counter?