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Mar 23, 2009 05:00 PM

Private room for dinner for 9?

I'm going to be in New Orleans with 8 friends this weekend, and I'm looking for a restaurant with a private room for dinner. Here's the catch: we'd like to keep our spending to ~$60-70/person, and the places I've called have all had room minimums of $900-1400. That would be fine if we had more people, and I certainly understand not wanting to rent out a room for 16 and not make money on it... but that leaves me without ideas.

It's a bachelor party dinner, and we were looking for a private room to be able to do a little roasting of the groom, telling embarrassing stories, etc. I suppose the stories would be even more embarrassing if they were shared with our fellow diners, but I'd rather not be the annoying group that makes everyone's dinner that much less fun. So, any ideas for private rooms, or for dining rooms that are either spacious enough, or loud/casual enough that no one will bat an eye? (We're not going to be a bunch of stumbling drunks, just merry and, assuming our jokes are good, laughing a lot.)

Thanks very much for your help!

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  1. A few suggestions-Restaurant August has private dining space and incredible food. They do have a prix fixe dinner so that may work and although it is a chain restaurant, Gordon Biersch has a small private room for a party in their dining room. It is probably the most economical as well if you are including alcohol in the 60.00-70.00 per person range. Muriels (Jackson Square) has many small rooms that could be utilized for a party of that size as well and has great atmosphere. Lots of places uptown on Magazine that have a lot of college students who probably wouldnt be bothered by anything, but that may be a bit casual. Jacques Imos does take reservations for parties of 5 or more and is a very casual and fun dining room but it is not very private. Hope ya'll have a great time.

    1. Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse has a private room overlooking Iberville St.

      1. Tujague's would fit the bill. The food isn't earth-shaking, but the price is right and you get a cool New Orleans vibe.