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Mar 23, 2009 04:49 PM

Quirky ATL Restaurants

Last weekend we finally tried the experience that is Dante's Down the Hatch in Atlanta. Loved how random it was and you can't really go wrong with fondue. Next week we have guests in town and my husband wants to take them to a restaurant equally as quirky or memorable, stating he may just go back to Dante's. Given we only make it into town a few times a year, I'd rather not have a repeat, especially since there are so many great restaurants in the area. Any suggestions? All I've come up with Pittypat's Porch...

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  1. I haven't lived in Atlanta for years but was pleasantly surprised to read in your post that Dante's is still around. Good grief, they must be 30 or 40 years old. I'm not sure why you considered it quirky or what random means. And Pittypat's Porch? Another name out of the past :) What would you consider "quirky" about it? Atlanta has scads of restaurants in Buckhead and Midtown to name just two. You can probably do better than either of those two. Hopefully someone will post for you some recs but you can also do searches here with either Buckhead or Midtown and I'm sure come up with lots. I know you'll have a great meal.

    1. A unsual place is Fogo de Chão wherw the food is brought out on skewers. Here is the link I love this place. This place is my favorite I drive from Greenville SC every month for this experience,

      Gladys Knights CHICKEN AND WAFFLES is good.

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        FYI - Charlotte has a restaurant called Chima that is the same concept as Fogo. Its a good bit closer to G'ville than Atlanta.

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          There is a Chima in Atlanta on Peachtree near the intersection with Piedmont.

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              The one brother in law I like lives about 1/2 mile from there. Atlanta is awesome when you don't have to pay for lodging.

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              FdC is a smallish chain that serves Brazilian churrascria (?sp) or rodizio - yes, the meat is brought around on skewers. Since we spend time in Brazil we don't "do" it here but it would certainly be a dining experience.

              GK's chicken and waffles is also a chain but if you've never had that dish (we have it in Harlem when we visit NYC) it also is an experience. ('Course WE have it for breakfast. Mmmm.)

              I still believe that there are lots of non-chain type of restaurants that would be memorable.

            3. eaten at Fogo's...while the hubs loves it (meat, meat, and more meat), one of the people we are taking isn't a big red meat eater. They are from Wisconsin, so I was thinking for them Pittypat's "southern" flare would be "quirky" for them. GK Chicken & Waffles is a great choice, even if its a chain...

              really, this is the first time my sister-in-law is visiting and I want to wow her with my "foodieness"..hahaha

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              1. Are you and they fans of Top Chef?
                If so, a lunch at Richard Blais' FLIP might be enjoyable for both (go after the lunch rush). We enjoyed it for the different takes on burgers and the alternatives to 'fries'. The desert shakes looked so good; next time I will try the Nutella.

                1. oh, and FYI...if you are in Atlanta or travel to Atlanta, you MUST try Flip Burger

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                    What do you like about this place? Might give people an idea of what appeals to you.

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                      well, it has the instant appeal by being Richard Blais' restaurant (finalist in Top Chef). But more importantly it is a unique burger joint sure to satisfy everyone. My husband refuses to branch out and sticks with a plain burger. I really enjoyed the more original spins...particularly the Turf n' Earth burger (wild mushroom patty, goat cheese, arugala, and white truffle butter). Even if the burger is more traditional, the condiments are unique (think pomegranate ketchup, green tomato ketchup, smoked mayo, cheese whiz). And Blais also showcases his molecular gastronomy passion with a "milkshake bar" (liquid N2)...highlight was the Krispy Kreme.

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                        Since Top Chef and all other "reality tv" repulse me, you lost me there! Have you checked out any of the links I posted? But maybe your comfort level is less quirky than you think. And there's not a darn thing wrong with that. I'm sure you and your friends will enjoy whatever you decide on.