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Mar 23, 2009 04:41 PM

Help me decide where to eat for my birthday -PHL

Hi guys,

I'm looking for a byob for eight people for my birthday, a Saturday night. Need not be any type of special occasion place, just tasty. Preferably somewhere that would take reservations. I'm looking at Little Fish - always wanted to try it - but they can't take us until 9:30 PM. Other favs in the city are Matyson and Lolita. Open to repeats but hoping to see if there's something awesome and undiscovered out there for me! Any cuisine, price, location in the city, just BYOB for sure.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Gayle just went BYO, but it's really small, so 8 might be tough.

    1. Little Fish is really tiny, they don't typically have a table that fits more than 6 without really rearranging. Cochon is close-by and they take reservations and the food is very tasty!

      For a less expensive BYOB, I like Sabrina's (900 block of Christian), you can order dinner, or from the breakfast menu!

      1. Kanella or Modo Mio. Both fit your description and take reservations.

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            huh, Kanella sounds interesting, as does Modo Mio. Greek wouldn't ordinarily be my first choice for cuisine type, but it's good?

            I always love italian. If you know, does Modo Mio do the turista menu on the weekends too?

            1. re: LPhila

              yes and yes!
              I'd choose Kanella between the 2- and I love Italian

              1. re: LPhila

                Even though I recommended both, I'd easily choose Kanella. Everyone I have sent there loves it. It's not your typical Greek American restaurant food. There's a widely varied menu and it's all great. Service is always pleasant and it's got a nice atmosphere. It is quite small, so you'd definitely need a reservation for a group that size.