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Mar 23, 2009 04:18 PM

Quick shout out for 2 great finds

I just wanted to thank the hounds who turned me on to two great finds. A quick search did not turn up the original posts and frankly I don't have the patience to navigate the tedious search function. Anyhoo on to the thanks for:
1. the clam chowder from Pecheur du marche on Sources Blvd (creamy but not overpowering, obviously made in house with nice chunks of clams and potatoes). I also got tempted by the made to order fish& chips but decided it would wait for my next visit. Sadly, they were out of the lobster bisque, so I will be definitely returning.
2. the in-house smoked salmon at the IGA on Keller in VSL. It does not beat my favorite from New Victoria Fish but it is pretty darn good and conveniently located. Bonus: I can slice it myself as thick as I like!

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  1. Right you are about the smoked salmon at that IGA. I never saw a supermarket with fresh fish like this one.

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    1. re: cricri7

      The IGA at the CSL shopping center also has great fresh fish and I buy there often, as opposed to the IGA in Cavendish mall that has a horrible fish department. If I had a cat, I wouldn't feed it anything from there.

      1. re: cricri7

        I am just discovering the fish market there and I am so impressed thus far. Tomorrow I shall be having fish soup from super fresh boca negra I picked up from there.