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Where in Philadelphia would you go if it was on the company dime?

I'm going out to dinner next week with my best friend, a serious foodie in from out of town. I'm looking for an amazing recommendation for dinner. She had suggested Morimoto (to give you an idea of price range), which is great, but we've both been there before and I'd love to take her somewhere different that will knock both our socks off. I'd prefer not BYOB for this particular outing - don't want to have to trouble myself about which wine to bring!

I've heard terrific things about Zahav, and it would be unusual cuisine for both of us, so that's a thought. I would like somewhere rather quiet since we enjoy a nice chat on the rare occasions we get to see each other. It will be a Thursday night. What are your thoughts? We eat anything. :)

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  1. Well, if it's on the company dime, just go down to your local AIG office and follow the folks when they go to lunch!

    1. on a more serious note......have you tried Tinto? It's not outrageous on price, but it is pretty good!

      1. My first thought was Amada - but rather quiet and Amada don't go in the same sentence. How about Ansill?

        1. See if you can get a reservation at Vetri.

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            Thanks, guys! I haven't tried any of the above-named restaurants (I have a kid, so going out is a special treat right now) although of course I have heard of and drooled over them. I thought of Amada as well, but is it terribly noisy?

            Vetri is a wonderful dream, but I wouldn't feel right letting her pay for something THAT expensive. :)

            Keep the recommendations coming - this is great!

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              There are some quieter pockets of Amada - the back room for example - but I don't know if you can request it.
              Vetri - had the pleasure this past weekend - are you sure you'd feel that bad?
              How about James?

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                We went there for the first time Saturday and requested the lounge as recommended somewhere else on these boards. We ended up right under a speaker, but it was still great for conversation.

          2. I would get absolutely stuffed on high quality sushi/ sashimi.

            1. I ate at Zahav once - on someone else's dime, actually.
              I liked it a lot.
              There's no way to talk about Morimoto and Zahav together, though, while I liked Zahav it wasn't nearly at that level.
              I liked Amada a lot, would consider that. If it's really all-out sending no-limits, I'd probably go with that place that's famous for its brunches, whose name is currently escaping me, or perhaps the 4 seasons.
              But that's in part because I could see eating at Amada on my own dime, the others I couldn't.

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                The brunch you're thinking of is most likely Lacroix.

                FWIW, my opinion of Morimoto and Zahav is exactly the reverse: I think Morimoto is nowhere near Zahav's level. Of course, I have only been to Morimoto twice, and on one of those visits we just had sushi, I've never had the omakase.

                I feel like a broken record because I just recommended this to someone else, but since this is happening on a Thursday, you should really consider Zahav's Thursday night tasting menu. It's in a smaller room off the main dining room, much quieter. It's $100 (I think) per person for five courses with wine pairings.

              2. Zahav is terrific. and it will probably be pretty quiet on a thursday night. another good spot is Alma de cuba.

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                  I second the Alma recommendation. Each dish was full of flavor but also refined. It is one of my favorite restaurants in the city. It would be quiet enough for you for sure.

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                    She has requested either Alma de Cuba or Amada from the list I gave her. I think Alma may be our winner! Thank you!

                2. Given the potential size of the check it would have to be Vetri or Le bec fin. Without trying too hard you could spend $200/person at either.

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                    I know. I probably shouldn't have posted such an ambitious title for this thread, as my moxie gave out when I looked at Vetri's prices. If it were my company (if I had one) treating, I wouldn't hesitate, but...I have a fear of being presumptuous. ;-) Another time!