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Mar 23, 2009 04:12 PM

[MSP] Lunch Options in Ridgedale Area

I'm starting a new job in a couple weeks in Minnetonka, very near to the Ridgedale Mall (394/Hwy 100 area). Being a life-long eastsider, I don't know that area at all.

I'm hoping you all might have suggestions as to good places for lunch. Somewhere with decent takeout, ideally I wouldn't have to call ahead, they would have some reasonably healthy options, and I could get by under $8 or so. I'm not completely averse to chain restaurants. (Panera ok, Subway/Applebees/McDonalds salads/etc. not so much.)

My current job is in Hastings, so I'm hoping this will be a step up lunch-wise. (Although, if you ever find yourself in Hastings, Emily's Bakery & Deli has some decent sandwiches and possibly the best blueberry muffin I've ever had.)

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  1. Big Bowl at Ridgedale Mall is amazing! It's at a mall so you'd think it'd be all chain-y and generic, but everything is made fresh and is full of flavor. You can call ahead and pick it up if need be. Also, there is a soup place called Eddington's that is good for lunch.

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      oooh... I love Eddingtons, but I haven't had it in years! I could eat about a thousand of those breadsticks...