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Mar 23, 2009 03:58 PM

Visiting DC this weekend and need advice

So, I'm coming to DC this weekend for work from Thurs night - Sun afternoon, and was hoping for some advice on some good lunch and dinner spots. I'll be staying at the Hilton Garden Inn in Downtown DC, and although I know DC is easy to get around via Metro, I'd like to keep myself relatively centralized due to the unpredictability of my schedule. Any and all recommendations would be greatly appreciated...


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  1. More info, por favor. Price? Cuisine?

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    1. re: katecm

      yea... sorry bout that. As far as lunch, cheap and easy...maybe sandwich spots...that kinda thing. As far as dinner, I'm willing to go out and spend a bit $40-50. More along the lines of Italian, Mexican, Steakhouses....if that helps.

    2. If you are near the White House on Friday for lunch, by all means take that opportunity to go to Breadline in the 1700 block of Pennsylvania Ave. and get their bbq pork sandwich. Order it on a ciabatta. Get the flavored water to drink and you'll be all set for one of DC's best meals. Breadline is open only for midweek lunch.