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Mar 23, 2009 03:57 PM

Sunday All you can Drink Mimosas and Bloody Marys

Hey there -
Can anyone recommend any places for "all you can drink brunch"? I like Essex a lot, but its VERY crowded. Sunburnt cow is a little too dark and dirty for this weekend. Any other ideas?

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  1. I just went to Yerba Buena this past weekend. Food is good and unlimited beverages (bloody mary, mojito, mimosa) are $12 more. Catch is it's only for an hour, but my friend and I each had 3 drinks in that time.

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    1. re: Lucia

      Any hour or a specific hour (e.g., from 10-11 a.m.)? Is this both weekend days or just Saturday or Sunday?

      Did anything you ate at Yerba Buena stand out? I've enjoyed dinner there, but haven't been for brunch.


      1. re: Desidero

        It's not limited to any particular hour. Here's the menu: The menu says they're open for brunch Sat and Sun.
        I had their take on a cuban, which was good. My friend ordered the eggs benedict, which she really liked. Potato sticks they were both served with were good too.

    2. If you are willing to do all you can drink sangria, go to Calle Ocho.
      Duke's does all you can drink Bloddy's or Mimosa's
      You can also try Bondi Road or Caliente Cab Company

      1. i believe roberto passon does an unlimited brunch.

        1. Tre is awesome, i know they do unlimited mimosas for brunch, not sure about the bloody marys

          1. I may check out Arte Cafe this weekend for their AYCD brunch special: