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Mar 23, 2009 03:57 PM

Calgary - Grey Eagle Casino: Buffet

Hi there,

Any thoughts on the Saturday night buffet at the Grey Eagle Casino?


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  1. We've been curious about it too and I haven't been myself but I've heard accounts of it being very good to accounts of crab legs with the ammonia smell and clientele that "look like they don't go out too much" according to a friend.

    Overall, people I've asked have said nay and the Kananaskis one is much better. Hopefully some other chowhounder will have more insight.

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    1. re: sweeterpea

      Well we were totally disgusted. The salads and desserts were adequate ,the hot line was overcooked ,undercooked and dried out depending on what you chose.
      Seafood was terrible and cold,Prime rib came two ways raw and over cooked bordering on soft jerky but both ways was tough but no happy medium..Other meats were dried out as if they had been sitting under heat lamps for hours in the back .Place was packed so did not warrant the possibilty of sitting too long out front to cause the problem.Vegetables overcooked and dried out and cold as well as the potatoes .Constantly out of food as it was not topped up properly so you would have literally two lines ;people waiting for more food that got little to none the first time as they settled for a partial plate while others coming in were looking to fill their plates as well. A three hour ordeal of inadequately maintained food lines .
      Tried to make comment to server but was brushed off that you should speak to management .
      Which was a team of seven that walked through while looking like they fell out of a older Casino movie.With one leader being bowed to and the others looking like they were doing anything they could to not look like they were members of a Italian crime syndicate.
      By the way they were not approachable as well as why would a customer have to chase down the management .
      When paying for the bill we mentioned politely our disgust and were not acknowledged or even replied to ;just grabbed the bill and the cash without saying a word even though we were polite .My impression was that they had heard it all night and did not want to hear the complaint again.

      So I said thank you for the receipt and left.

      Talked to a group of nine different people at the machines later that shared their disgust as we had gotten to know them from our 45 minute wait in the lineup going in to begin with.

      We chose to go here on Valentine's Day because of the Casino and something different than the norm.But next time it will be a much nicer choice by far.

    2. Honestly, as buffets go. I think it's pretty good, I wouldn't want to go on Thursday nights because that's "Seafood Night" because the lobster tail is the size of a shrimp and their oysters I don't think are as fresh as they should be, but if you're looking for a nice western buffet (which I found hard to find in Calgary), then I say give it a try. Their waiters by all means aren't as friendly or as attentive compared to other restaurants- but what do you expect the service to be a buffet?

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      1. re: pasaker

        I can't wait to see it in the Simpson's; Indian-casino-buffet episode. (Fox: Sundays!)

        1. re: seemac70

          The Simpson's would have been too upscale for this operation that night.:0)

          Yes that evening they had the supposed Lobster on as well .Dried out and cold and tough little crayfish .It was the inside joke in the lineup waiting for food as there were plates of it going to the table and usually uneaten and left at the tables.

          For a buffet in the Calgary area that is worth while I could suggest two;

          Glenmore Inn - A bit above basic but always good .Food is always hot that is suppose to be hot ..Salad bar ,desert bar,hot foods with carving station .More than adequate service.And even more reasonable than the Casino buffets which are reasonable as well.Traditionally a great place for decades.

          Stoney Nekoda Casino - This place we have gone to at least once a month since it opened.Food is exceptional ,service is fabulous. It is about a 30 to 45 minute drive west on Hwy 1 but that is the same amount of time that it takes to drive across town.
          Their evening buffets and Brunch on Sunday would take hours to describe as far as variety and quality of foods .But this is definitely a cut above Glenmore and Glenmore is great but this is in another league entirely.But compared to Grey Eagle ;there is no comparison.
          The Grey Eagle is a below typical casino buffet that you would expect in a small region of the states such as Kalspell Montana where there are small tiny casinos every few blocks with mediocre food at a low price or free..Where as Stoney Nekoda would have to be compared to The Palliser Hotel ,The Hyatt Regency etc
          Definitely worth the few minutes extra to get to .The food is really great on Sundays and pretty good the other nights that they have buffet .

          I know that I will be at the Glenmore for lunch next Wednesday because every Wed at lunch is like Thanksgiving with a freshly done Turkey dinner buffet that is every Wed for the last so many decades.And I know now that I have talked about Stoney Nekoda that I will be there this Sunday For Brunch as it is better than any place in Calgary .
          I am ready to grab a knife and fork just thinking about it.
          Hmmmm But there is a great roast beef buffet Friday and Saturday and Sunday night at Glenmore hmmm maybe Supper tomorrow night will be Glenmore as well.

          1. re: socialal

            I would have to second the suggestion of the Stoney Nakota Resort buffet over the Grey Eagle Casino. I've only been out there once, but the food was spectacular. I was expecting something mediocre, and it was superb. Oddly, the asparagus I had that night was one of the things I remember most. I went back for fourths, hehe.

            1. re: wonderflosity

              Yes there are so many items there that stand out .The Asparagus was great ,the fish, the pork, the chicken, the three types of prime rib, the salads the desserts.
              And so much more.
              I wish I was there now. :0)

      2. I've been to the Grey Eagle buffet for breakfast. It was adequate at best. Reminded me a little of the cafeteria when I went to school... I would not in any way recommend it.

        1. We spent the day in Kananaskis and stopped off at the Nakoda Resort Casino Buffet for dinner, last night (Saturday evening buffet) It was pretty good - not a huge offering of items but enough to make a good prime rib dinner. Just a note -- if you have kids, you have to sit in the restaurant as the buffet itself is in the casino. It's a little bit of a walk. Not a wiff of smoke, and the place was very clean. They seemed a bit short-staffed, so service was a little slow for drinks, but very professional and pleasant.

          The prime rib was really excellent -- you can even ask for the cap itself, which my husband took advantage of. Other dishes were: rice, mixed veggies, rotini alfredo, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, ratatouille, some rather limp and soggy shrimp on skewers, strange looking tandoori chicken skewers, and polenta. Overall, food quality was very good, except I found the pasta and mashed potatoes bland. There was a small selection of salad, proscuitto, pickles, and smoked salmon. So, not a spectacular offering but good for $20 for an adult.

          The desserts were overall excellent -- I would judge most of them to be even better than the Banff Springs offerings or the Palliser in terms of flavor. My favorite would be the Mango Creme Cake, and there was a hazelnut cream cake, plus other cheesecakes and cakes. There was an apple pie but we found the crust to be really thick and doughy.

          It seems if you have a lift ticket you get 2 for one, so that's a really great deal. I highly recommend the buffet, it especially hit the spot after a day of hiking.

          On a side note, they let us look at an empty room at the hotel. The rooms have a clean and modern decor, and I would judge them to be around a 3 star. There will be a water park opening there next month.

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          1. re: sweeterpea

            I recently went to the Stoney Nakoda casino for brunch and was cautiously impressed. It was very empty so, alas, some of the food wasn't at it's best. The carvery was great, the eggs and sausages were good... roasted potatoes were mmm delicious. The roasted chicken was dry. The desserts were spectacular! I would most definitely agree with you there, the hazelnut cream was my favorite.

            This was SO much better than the Grey Eagle. I might go there sometime just to eat and not to gamble, that's how nice it was.

            1. re: sweeterpea

              Good to know and could have come in handy yesterday, even after the 9 hour drive from Vancouver we stopped for a decent meal in Canmore but this would have been easier and better value from what I am reading here. Thanks sweetpea for the reco