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Visiting Sedona and Flagstaff, Help!

I want to know the the best places to eat in Sedona and Flagsatff Arizona? Any type of food, as long as it is special. Are there any Mexican spots that fit my needs?

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  1. You may as well drive down to Phoenix for Mexican Food.

    1. Flagstaff:

      I've only been to the Beaver Street Brewery and, as the last restaurant stop on our cross-country drive from Boston to Phoenix, this lively casual spot with friendly service fit the bill.


      For the Sedona area:

      Elote Cafe (Mexican) is one of our favorites in Sedona - we eat there every time we visit.

      Haven't been to Dahl & Diluca yet, but for Italian we like their other restaurant, Cucina Rustica, in the Village of Oak Creek. We also had a nice lunch at L'Auberge on a beautiful spring day, seated on their pretty patio by Oak Creek.

      Cucina Rustica

      L'Auberge (with pics from our last visit):

      Elote Cafe
      771 State Route 179, Sedona, AZ 86336

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        Rubee is spot on with Elote Cafe and L'Auberge!
        Love Elote Cafe..
        I would add lunch at the Enchantment Resort..Yavapai has stunning red rock views and the food is quite good.
        We really enjoy Dahl & Di Luca and enjoy eating at the bar.
        We were just in Sedona a couple of weeks ago and the economy was taking a hit.
        Everyone raves about the Garland Lodge..which is scheduled for the next visit.


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          Garland's is worth the rave as much for the food (which is fabulous) as for the experience, which cannot be duplicated anywhere. If you are able to get a reservation (or better yet, a chance to stay there for a night or two), I strongly recommend that you don't pass it up.

        2. maybe not "special," but definately inexpensive and good, salsa brava on santa fe ave in flagstaff, was just there a few days ago-- very local place with lots of good mexican options, has a salsa bar with maybe 6 or 8 salsas with different levels of spice.

          1. For Flagstaff, New Jersey Pizza Co. is awesome. Hiro Sushi for Japanese/sushi, and Brandy's for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

            1. I had a really nice dinner at Brix last summer. Great food & service. It's a fine dining place.

              Brix Restaurant & Wine Bar
              413 N. San Francisco St., Flagstaff, AZ 86001

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                Cafe Elote, as mentioned, serves outstanding Mexican food. When Elote is closed or jammed, the only other decent Mexican food is at Los Betos, an inexpensive drive through in Sedona (Village of Oak Creek) with indoor and outdoor (parking lot) seating, next to the Giant gas station on Hwy 179. Also, diagonally across the highway at 6586 Hwy 179 is Minami, a tiny but wonderful Japanese restaurant.

              2. Martanne's in Flagstaff has excellent Mexican breakfast/lunch food. They are not open for dinner, and the line can get pretty long on weekends.

                flagstaff, az, flagstaff, az

                1. I recently stayed at the Sedona Hilton and asked some of the hispanic staff where they would go for lunch and they suggesed Los Betos as Janeh noted. VERY casual, fast food - very tasty menudo for lunch - I think weekends only. Elote is very special! Enjoyed a very good dinner at Kurt's, a newer restaurant in Sedona - funny both Kurts and Elote are located at chain motels? My family enjoyed Joe's Bistro at another resort, good basic Italian food, very affordable, we were all entertained trying to guess all of the Joe's depicted in the art and memorabilia - the owner is an Italian from Brooklyn with great baseball stories.
                  Fork in the Road within walking distance to the Hilton was good for small plates at the bar but got real loud as the restaurant filled up - to the point we left.

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                    Sounds like you found your way to some of the best spots, ratuetuate! The good restaurants in chain/funky motels seems to be a northern AZ phenomenon. Kurt's has been in a couple of locations in Cottonwood over the years and I'm happy that it's getting closer to my neighborhood! I think that the menudo is just weekend at Losbetos, which leaves the rest of the week for other good stuff. They also offer good, thirst quenching horchata - my drive through treat as the days get warmer.