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Mar 23, 2009 03:42 PM

Hillcrest Farmers Market

Last sunday, I went to the Hillcrest Farmers Market and did some tasting. So, one of the vegetable/fruit vendors had samples of strawberries with some kind of chili seasoning, samples of cucumbers, tomatoes, and fava beans that all had some kind of seasoning on it. It was really good. Can someone tell me how to make it? Is it just some chili powder, or does it have some vinegar in it? Thanks!!

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  1. If it's what I'm thinking about one of the vendors sells it. It's reddish and more granular than powdery. Nice little zing. It would be the vendor right next to the plant lady on the east side. I can't remember the name of it, but it's good on almost everything.

    1. If you don't get the recipe for the seasoning the vendor makes, you can always buy Tajín Fruit and Snack Seasoning. It's a blend of chile, salt and dehydrated lime juice. The stuff rocks and is great on any fruit and many vegetables, particularly things like cucumber and jicama. It is to die for on Mexican papaya and mangos. It's available locally at any Mexican/Latin market and an increasing number of mainstream grocery stores as well.

      Here's a link to MexGrocer with a picture, so you can see what the container looks like -

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        That's it. The vendor in question sells bottles of it on site, though probably for much more than it would cost at Northgate or the equivalent.

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            Love this stuff..when I lived in Mexico, this was a staple from the finest homes to the street vendors.
            Mexican limes squeezed all over the jicama/papaya/cucumber/radish/mango and then the Tajin..