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Mar 23, 2009 03:34 PM

This was great ... "By the way, how did I come up with it?"

We all have set out to make a simple say for example, chicken, then we add this and that, and this and that and soon it becomes a whole dish. Next you know ... it amazingly a great dish!

What are your breakthrough dishes? I look through cookbooks and magazines, but I never use them. I like to use concepts and ideas and change up with my ideas and twists.

Tonight was a great asparagus scallions and light soy and rice wine vinegar sauce sauteed with fresh wild mushrooms and chow mein noodles. Maybe not very gourmet ish, but is sure was good and very pretty. Dinner changed last minute as I need to work from 8 till probably 3 or 4 tonight. So I wanted something good and some what healthy. Pared with fresh grilled salmon it was great!

SO ....TELL ME ABOUT YOUR "JUST BY ACCIDENT" THE BEST DISH EVER CREATIONS ?? Ones that you would be proud to serve to others.

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  1. I do this all of the time. Don't have any particular "recipes" that I can think of but my mother always asks me(when I cook for them)- do you think you'll remember how to make this again?

    1. We had some left over Armenian pilaf and left over spaghetti sauce. Suddenly Spaghetti Pilaf appeared! ;-) Surprisingly it was good.

      1. Born out of a desire to... not wash another pot: while stir-frying veggies to go with a nice filet of fish, decided to use the steam from the cooking veggies to cook the fish. Threw the filet on top of the half-cooked veggies, put the cover on, and let it go; a few minutes later the fish was perfectly steamed, the veggies cooked, and I put it on top of some rice, with the fish topped by the vegetables - delicious. Now it's one of my favorite regular dishes.

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        1. I've yapped about this before on CH. One of my best friends made a chicken pot pie from scratch. Rolled his own dough, put a little bit of this, little bit of that...all freehand, nothing on paper. It was, without a doubt, the best chicken pot pie either of us had ever eaten. We mmmm'd and ahhhh'd all the way through the meal, not able to shut up about how good it was. Well, that was probably 15 years ago. And, to this day, my dear friend has yet to replicate that magical pie. We joke about it still--I call it "the lost chord." On the other hand, I went home and wrote down what I put in when I made it the first time, using what I remembered of his recipe as a base. I still tweak it here and there even now, but at least I have something to go on. :)

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            I have a shrimp stirfry I made once, same thing. I wish I could remember everything Mom and I put in it. We were working together and it was perfect ... Haven't got it right yet. :)

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              Same story but with Thai pineapple fried rice. The Spouse basically just cleaned out the fridge, used up the leftover rice, some fresh pineapple, and a bunch of other things that were lying around. It was awesome and we've never been able to replicatte it again.

          2. I wanted to make Korean short ribs that my SO really liked at a restaurant. I looked at recipes online but didn't like anything - so I went through the cupboard, marinated it for 24hr and then grilled them - excellent - not the same as the restaurant but SO said they were better! That is what cooking is all about - sometimes the experiments work well sometimes not.

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              juliewong, have you tried hannaone's short ribs? he is a pro, and is prolific with his recipes. the short ribs recipe is here...

              was your recipe similar to hannaone's?

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                That looks divine, gonna make it soon.