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Mar 23, 2009 03:18 PM

Afraid of bistro-overload

My husband and I will be in Paris in April for only 3 nights - Fri/Sat/Sun. I have spent the better part of the week researching places to eat and of course, feel like I need to lengthen the trip to about a month in order to take advantage of the chowhound expertise.

My problem is that I don't want to have the same heavy/rich/classic French meal for 3 nights in a row. At this point I have roughly settled on Chez Denise for Friday night (unless the unlikely reservation request for CAJ or La Regalade comes through, plus it's near our hotel which might be good for night 1) and Chez Robert et Louise for Sunday night (less choices on Sunday and we did want to fit in a great steak anyway).

I'm tempted to go to any number of recommended Bistros but I'm afraid of getting burnt out on this type of food. Can anyone recommend a good compliment to the places we have chosen? I was also thinking we should do something in the 6th or 7th to complement our choices geographically, which are in the Marais and the 1st. Maybe seafood?

And since this is the end of our Europe trip, we'll probably be sick of spending lots of money for dinner and would opt for something more casual and affordable.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. As SF has a great Chinatown and am sure you are familiar with it, why not go Asian for your other meal, excellent Vietnamese and ok Chinese, Japanese , sushi, weak, but others are fun especially in Chinatown in Paris.

    1. Have a platter of oysters and other seafood as an alternative to the restaurant/bistro fare.

      For fish, try the Bistrot du Dome (offshoot of the Dome in Montparnasse). There are two of them: One is on the rue Delambre next to the Dome, the other diagonally across from Bofinger in the Bastille area.

      1. In Paris, we had a bistro dinner every night but prepared for this by eating light during the day. We did not feel overloaded, until about day 6. But if there is only 3 days, you may be able to make room.